Somebody Help This Poor Girl: The Best Christmas Party Venue in Plano

This chic is one smart cookie. She’s already thinking about her company Christmas party. Early birds catch more than worms. Here are her requirements.

christmas_party_hd-1280x800This chic is one smart cookie. She’s already thinking Christmas. Early birds catch more than worms. Here are her requirements:

I’m looking for a new restaurant for our Christmas party this year.  It would be around 180 people.  In the past we’ve done sit-down dinners. We’d be open to buffet style too.  We really prefer a location in North Dallas or Plano. Can you ask your readers for ideas?

(This post made me nostalgic for the Astro-Weenie Christmas Tree.)


  • Amy Severson

    It’s up more towards the Frisco end of Plano (just south of 121 on the Tollway), but Kent Rathbun concepts has a place called BK’s that I believe exclusively does private parties?

    • Amy Severson

      Sorry, KB’s. Whoops.

  • EBL

    Gleneagles Country Club… The events I’ve been to there have always been well done.

  • NYC9052

    The new Hilton Granite Park in Plano looks like it is going to be a great venue.

  • Dr Pepper Ballpark

    We have a room at Dr Pepper Ballpark in Frisco that overlooks the field that we use for Holiday parties and other events. We can fit over 180 with our bar seating included. Feel free to check out our event website at

  • Jody Fishpaw Foster

    Call Buca di Beppo Frisco – it is on the border of Plano and Frisco, has great pricing for Christmas parties and banquets.

  • CBoz

    We found ourselves in the same dilemma in the same general area. We decided on the heated patio on the water where they have the coolest lighting, live music, entertainment, dancing and our employees can dress holiday snappy as opposed to holiday dressy if they choose. Turkish Cafe and Lounge

  • Christopher Jeffers

    We would love to have you at Smoke Plano. We are beginning to book parties for the holidays. Contact our sales coordinator [email protected] .