Hatch Chile Margarita Recipe from Fish City Grill

Take advantage of chile season by giving a classic drink a spicy makeover.

Fish City Grill is celebrating Hatch chile season with a spicy margarita starting August 7. Here’s the recipe for this classic with a kick.

image001 copyIngredients:
5 slices of hatch chile
3 slices of jalapeño
1½ oz simple syrup
¾ oz of lime juice
1¼ oz tequila
¾ oz triple sec
soda water to fill

Shaker, 14 oz glass, Strainer, Muddle and 12 oz glass

1. Add Hatch chile, jalapeño, simple syrup and lime juice to 14 oz glass and muddle.
2. Add tequila and triple sec, and fill glass with ice.
3. Pour mix into shaker and shake vigorously.
4. Rim 12 oz glass with salt and fill with ice.
5. Strain mixture over ice and splash with soda water to fill.
6. Garnish with 3 hatch chile slices.