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First Take: Kate Weiser Chocolate


DSC00616The newest Trinity Groves concept, Kate Weiser Chocolate, is definitely an experience. The modern little spot has so much color everywhere, mostly originating from the giant wall of Kate’s painted face, but also from the gorgeous display case of chocolates.

Every piece is hand-painted and one-of-a-kind, and the flavors are certainly not your average mall-store variety. Here are a few examples:

Buttery Popcorn: white sweet corn ganache with fleur de sel
Caramelized Pineapple: milk chocolate caramel ganache with pineapple purée
Mango Habañero: dark chocolate habañero ganache with mango pate de fruit
Truffle Honey: milk chocolate ganache infused with Japanese lime
Sweet Potato: milk chocolate caramel ganache with sweet potato purée and cognac
Champagne: liquid center with Moet & Chandon rose champagne

I tried a few, and I think the Sweet Potato won my vote. I really enjoyed the Mango Habañero also. There are ice creams, macarons, lollipops and coffees for sale, as well as gift boxes in multiple sizes.


Each chocolate is $2.50, so a 6-piece box is $15, 15 pieces is $35, and 35 pieces is $70. You can buy a pre-packaged box or choose your own variety by filling out a sushi-style tally sheet.

I recommend the Black Truffle macaron ($2), which somehow made a stinky mushroom into a sweet confection. The Rose lollipop ($3) was gorgeous and rich, although I could barely taste the rose.

Next time you’re at Trinity Groves, stop in and check it out. It’s interesting, unusual, and worth a look.

Rose lollipop.
Rose lollipop.