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Don’t Miss Central Market’s Annual Hatch Chile Festival

Today is the first day of Central Market's Annual Hatch Chile Festival. Get them while they're hot!

Ladies and gentlemen… let’s get ready to roast ’em!

Central Market’s Annual Hatch Chile Festival, 19 years and still the world heavyweight chile champion. Festivities begin today and they will be showing off their pepper prowess until August 19th.
The harvest of 125 tons of these precious green peppers began just a few days ago in the city of Hatch, New Mexico, and we couldn’t be more excited.  Over the last few days Central Market has put the finishing touches on new Hatch inspired recipes, stocked pepper packed products into every aisle, and made room in the produce department for fresh and roasted-on-site Hatch peppers at every store.


Not only does Central Market have the best peppers, but they are also bringing you pepper experts. Dave DeWitt, the “Pope of Peppers” and one of the foremost authorities in the world on chile peppers and spicy foods, will be visiting the Dallas Lovers Lane store to show you how to make classic dishes from New Mexico. You’ll discover the best techniques to use when roasting, peeling and storing chiles and then learn to cook with these amazing peppers. You can sign up for classes today.

Before you ask, yes, all your favorites will be back. We are talking about Hatch Mac ‘n Cheese, Hatch Cornbread, and hand-made Hatch sausages from the Market.  But, they also have a few new Hatch goodies that are worth a mention, including: Salem Baking Thin & Crispy Hatch Chocolate Chip Cookies, Robert Rothschild Hatch Pasta Sauce, and Slow Roasted Hatch Chile Pepper Hummus.

Get ready for two weeks of no holds barred, pepper packing heat, during this year’s Hatch Chile Festival, because pound for pound, we have the best Hatch peppers in town!

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