Bon Appétit Recognizes 3 Dallas Restaurants

CBD Provisions, Tanoshii Ramen, and Monkey King Noodle Co. were named as trendsetters.

In a gallery noting 25 big trends in the national restaurant scene, Bon Appétit’s Andrew Knowlton placed 3 Dallas restaurants among the pack leaders for fresh ideas.

Photo courtesy of Bon Appétit.
Photo courtesy of Bon Appétit.

The first item on his list is creative neon signs, and for that he credited Monkey King Noodle Co. as well as Rose’s Luxury in D.C. (who B.A. named Best New Restaurant 2014) and Pinewood Social in Nashville.

In the 16th slide, Knowlton praises restaurants in San Francisco, Cleveland, and San Antonio for their creative meaty dishes, and says CBD Provisions’ Berkshire Pig Head Carnitas plate is “magically delicious.”

Then Tanoshii Ramen got a shout-out toward the end of the gallery for its mural of the legendary Monkey King laid over exposed brick. D.C., Seattle and Sherman Oaks also got recognition for their unique art.

Congrats to these spots for garnering national attention for their super-coolness. See the gallery here.