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Happy Monday, everyone. Now that you have the list of restaurants participating in DFW Restaurant Week, you’re probably dreading the wait before you can dig in to those prix fixe dinners.

Here are some happy food stories and recipes to satiate you a little longer (one is not so happy, I won’t lie).

1. This recipe for a simple Artichoke Potato Salad with Arugula, from The Forest Feast. Gorgeous food photography, fyi, and I saw great organic reds and arugula at Sprouts the other day.

2. This interesting article on menu design. You had no idea how much went into putting one together, like placement of a dish on the page and a lack of dollar signs. Any great-looking menus around town that you’ve seen? (Thrillist)

3. This Sriracha-Lada from Bon Appétit. When your hot-weather Michelada craving needs a serious kick.

4. This tutorial on how to make perfect ice cream at home. (It is National Ice Cream Month, after all.)(Tasting Table)

5. This claim by Congressmen that Americans are too stupid to know how to handle GMO labeling. (Apparently GMO products should be able to be labeled “100% Natural.” I’m biting my tongue on this.) Good thing we have Central Market, Farmer’s Markets, and organic CSAs in Dallas so you know where your food came from. (HuffPost)

6. Spinning off the previous link, this new research study in the British Journal of Nutrition that found organic produce has higher levels of antioxidants, amino acids and proteins, and lower levels of heavy metals and pesticides (duh). To save on grocery trips and support local farms at the same time, try JBG or Urban Acres.