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Chef Keller gets hacked, coffee lovers get a new invention, and today is Junk Food Day.

Happy Monday afternoon, food lovers. I have goodies for you.

1. This one is really wonderful, because the first thing most of us do in the morning is have some (or wish we had some) coffee. I’m inevitably rushing, as I really am not a morning person and I sleep in too late. So sometimes I miss out on my fix, and I really hate stopping at coffee shops. I want it provided quickly, because I can’t think very well before the java mainline. So imagine my delight when I found this genius creation: Hey Joe Coffee. Think Keurig and travel mug in one coffee-lover’s perfect possession. It brews coffee right in the cup, in your car on the way to work. There are 3 temp settings too: 140, 155 and cold drip. You don’t have to use the pods, either. You can put in that Oak Cliff Coffee you love. Check it out.

Courtesy of Hey Joe Coffee.
Courtesy of Hey Joe Coffee.

2. Also, supposed Syrian activists hacked the Thomas Keller Restaurant Group website over the weekend. The award winning-chef’s site was apparently high on the priority list to vandalize. The hackers’ message?

7-21 at 11.37.50 AM

Okay then.

3. In other news, it’s National Ice Cream Month, and we’ve been keeping all of our ideating/experimenting/eating to ourselves over here. We’ll share this week, we promise. But to get you started, here is a simple ice cream cake recipe that’s fast, easy, and customizable to fit your fancy. I’m thinking I might make a tiny one in a coffee mug so I don’t eat myself into a dairy coma.

Take a layer of crushed cookies, like oreos, sugar cookies or ginger snaps, and layer some in the bottom of a dish. Then spread a thick layer of softened ice cream: mint, vanilla, Phish Food, Munchies, etc. Get your hands dirty and smoosh it down well. Then add a thin layer of whipped cream, and repeat all three layers. Freeze your masterpiece for a couple of hours, then slice and eat like cake. Glorious, beautiful ice cream cake.

4. It’s National Junk Food Day. Yes, it’s during Ice Cream Month. (And who is the guy who sits around assigning days to everything??) So you can either top your ice cream with whatever junk food you already have, or buy some local goodies. Chocolate Secrets and Dude, Sweet Chocolate are always great places to start. Also try Sassy Popcorn in Allen, where there are oodles of classic candies to make your own mixes (and of course, popcorn).