Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Custom-Made Candy in Dallas

We are looking for local businesses that make candy. Let us hear from you.

This gal usually heads to liquor because it’s quicker, but today she’s looking for candy:

Are there any places in Dallas that make candy? When I get the urge for a little something sweet, I’d love to support a local manufacturer instead of just raiding the candy aisle at Tom Thumb.


  • ilikecandy

    What kind of candy? Most of the chocolatiers around town offer confections outside of the their chocolate treats.

  • Marci Nathlich

    Dude, Sweet Chocolate. SO SO SO good. try their fungus amongus toffee 🙂

  • Doc

    Look into Fluffpop! Awesome cotton candy.

  • susanlynneb

    Chocolate Secrets!

  • susanlynneb

    Coming soon…Kate Weiser in Trinity Groves.

  • LDS

    Goodies on the square in McKinney makes great chocolate.