Reader Feedback: What Ticks You Off Most at Restaurants?

Consumer Reports says dirty silverware is the worst offender in a dining experience. What's your unforgivable offense?

We all have something. That thing that just irritates you to no end when you go out to eat. If you’ve worked in food service, you know all the ridiculous things that can happen behind the scenes. It’s a lot to keep track of: the orders, the refills, the front-of-house/back-of-house interactions, the timing (the guests at this table are in deep conversation, but I really need to take their orders…). Even the best of restaurant workers make mistakes during busy service, but as a diner, certain things are going to drive you crazy.

Consumer Reports did a survey of which offenses are unforgivable, from diners’ perspectives. Apparently dirty silverware is the worst, understandably. Dirty restrooms are second, and that’s my biggest beef. Check out this infographic and then tell me: what are the transgressions you can’t dismiss?