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Food News Round-Up

Pizza. Popsicles. Pecan-smoked jalapeños. Dallas does food right. Here are some updates.
By Lauryn Bodden |

Dallas’ food scene changes almost as much as Rihanna’s hairstyle. One day we are on the ramen train, then we are all about the poutine and now we can’t get enough of craft popsicles. Here’s the latest roundup of food news.

Zoli’s NY Pizza came out with a new menu item that will surely clog your arteries, but judging from the description, and when it comes to pizza in general, it’s so worth it. The Mother Effer, which actually is meant for three to four people, involves four slices of traditional New York-style slices (soppressata, Luscher’s sausage, white pie and the daily feature), one slice of Grandma pie, two slices of Sicilian (cheese and soppressata), three garlic knots, three soppressata knots and a “mountain” of zucchini fries, plus sides of housemade jalapeno ranch and marinara sauce. If you’re looking for any takers to split this $35 hell-of-a-deal with, I volunteer as tribute.

The Social House likes to keep things social, or so the motto goes. Keeping things consistent, they came out with a new Social Mule option where guests have the opportunity to choose from four different combinations for their ideal spin on the trendy cocktail: The Kentucky Mule, Ultimat Moscow, Mexican Mule and ALL. Social Mules run for $9, but you can get them and all specialty cocktails $3 off during happy hour.

Now until July 27, Hopdoddy Burger Bar will offer the Black & Blue Burger special. The new menu item is high on my to-try list, with Black Angus Beef, Blue Cheese, Black Pepper Aioli, Applewood Bacon, Fig and Onion Marmalade on a Brioche Bun. Get it for $11.

Rodeo Goat upped their bar game with some new cocktails including an Old Buffagoat, an Old Fashioned made with barrel-aged Buffalo Trace. If that doesn’t do it for you then try their John Daley spiked with your choice of peach or blackberry Moonshine.

The man behind Swiss Pastry Shop has done it again. Sink your teeth into a half-pound of prime Wagyu beef with pecan-smoked jalapeños, grilled onions and Veldhuizen Farm’s Redneck Cheddar on a brioche bun to find out what The Blazing Saddle burger is all about.

Popping up (pun kind of intended) at local markets, Pop Star Handcrafted Popsicles may not be new, but they’re not giving up the frozen competition to Steel City Pops. With unique flavors using local ingredient you can get cucumber lemon mint or Texas Peach from their booth made out of a Volkswagen. Head to White Rock Local Market, Coppell Farmers Market or North Haven Gardens to check them out.

Also, The Grape’s Juani made Brian Luscher and the staff enchiladas for lunch yesterday and I think I may apply to get in on their next meal.Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 3.23.53 PM