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Foie Gras Bergamot Caramel Skulls: Best Thing I Ate All Week

I really wish these guys were a permanent fixture in the Dude, Sweet Chocolate shop.
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I mentioned yesterday that I wanted one of Dude, Sweet Chocolate’s foie gras skulls that they made last weekend. Well, I wanted one so much that I called. And they still have them.

DSC00521And of course, they were absolutely worth the trip. The chocolate is much sweeter than in some of the other usual Dude fare, and the filling is full of foie gras caramel crystals with bergamot. A little savory, a lot bergamot. They are thick, rich and gooey, and the blue stains your fingers. That’s always a good sign.

Bergamot also lives with orange and jasmine in my favorite item in the shop: Flower Child Truffles.

(Why yes, I do love Earl Grey tea.)