Endive Salads & Sandwiches to Open in North Dallas

Endive Salads & Sandwich, a new fast casual restaurant with gourmet salads and sandwiches made with warm smoked and grilled meats, will open behind the Galleria.

endiveEndive Salads & Sandwich is a new restaurant opening in about three weeks. The fast casual concept centers on gourmet salads and sandwiches made with smoked and grilled meats that are served warm. Their signature dish is the Thai Beef Salad with smoked chuck roast and a touch of fish sauce, instead of soy sauce, in the dressing. The owner and chef is Paul Kim. He operated Takorea, a Korean food truck in Austin. “I hope to take advantage of two large trends: the Texan love of barbecue and eating healthy,” Kim says.

Kim is still testing some menu items but says his salads will feature a beef, smoked or grilled medium rare, chicken breast, chicken sausage, and seared ahi tuna. Ocassionally he will smoke a turkey. His goal is to have all of the dressings produced on site and the restaurant will feature one homemade soup a day such as creamy curry beet soup. The cheery spot is located behind the Galleria and next door to Mughlai Indian restaurant in the small center where Maximo (R.I.P.) once operated.


  • Chris

    can’t wait

  • Jay Cutcher

    This sounds great. I’m excited to try this place.