Eat This Now: Yeti Frozen Custard & Lick Honest Ice Creams

Lemon Lavender or Goat Cheese, Thyme & Honey? Both are handcrafted in Texas, and both are delicious.

On a Central Market trip this weekend, I had a sample of Yeti’s Lavender & Lemon frozen custard. Goodness gracious, it’s good. There’s definitely more lavender than lemon, but the custard is the most perfectly thick, smooth consistency. It’s so rich, you can’t help but take your time eating it. Yeti is based in Austin, the brainchild of Andy Ramos. This woman knows her custard. Roasted Strawberry (thumbs up to this one too), Bourbon Vanilla, and Chocolate are the other flavors available, and if you’re at the teal Yeti truck in Austin, you can get your custard as a float or blended with toppings.

I also got a pint of Lick’s Goat Cheese, Thyme & Honey Ice Cream. I love the hand-written label. I admit that it’s a little heavy on the honey for me, but sweet, fresh, and made with care. Also based in Austin, Lick uses local ingredients whenever possible. Other flavors include Caramel Salt Lick, Roasted Beets & Fresh Mint, Cilantro Lime, and Dewberry Corn Cobbler.

Both Yeti and Lick are available at Central Market locations.


  • Katrina

    If you can find it, try the dark chocolate, olive oil, and sea salt ice cream for Lick. It’s way better than their goat cheese, thyme, and honey ice cream.

    • Rochell VanDeurzen

      That flavor was there too, so I will definitely try that one next! Thanks!

  • Ginger Pmeumon

    I tried some of this ice cream, put a few cinnamon sticks in it, and it was just Extraordinary! Perfectly Manageable on my budget too…