Best of Big D: Off-Site Kitchen Makes Dallas’ Best Burger

This Design District vintage-style burger joint flips a fantastic quarter pound patty.

Photo by Kevin Marple
Twisted Root. Photo by Kevin Marple.
The Best of Big D 2014 winners were announced last week at The Rustic. If you missed out on the event, or if you haven’t read a copy of the BOBD issue yet, let me share:

Off-Site Kitchen was chosen as the best burger joint in town. How can you resist the Do It Murph-Style?

For the fourth year in a row, the Reader’s Choice winner for best burger joint is Twisted Root. I love the Verde Burger at Twisted. Makes me want to take a nap afterward. Especially with that grown-up PB & Chocolate Shake!


  • Joanna Singleton

    Both my mom and I definitely got salmonella from Off-Site Kitchen. Never been so sick! However, good burger nonetheless:)

  • chaahshldkalsd

    hard to argue with Off Site… I personally put Stackhouse slightly above Off Site, but they are easily the top 2 in Dallas.

    The readers choice just baffles me… I don’t know what people like about Twisted Root. The meat quality is absolute bottom of the barrel. Maybe it’s the concept and all the crap they put on the burger…

    in my opinion, if the burger isn’t great as a plain jain just meat, cheese (optional) and bun… then it isn’t a great burger. Those 3 things have to be great first and foremost.

    Stackhouse burgers on Gaston is the best burger, but they are also incredibly overpriced. I pay it because I’m in love with the burger, but no doubt that off site is a better value.

    • twinwillow

      I think the same people who rave about Twisted Root are the same people who vote Campisi’s as having the best pizza in Dallas.

  • 3rdDegree

    I’d go ahead and put Stackhouse considerably higher than both of these places and comparatively its not even close. Agree on the pricing though. By the time I load up a single patty with cheese, grilled jalapenos and a few other accoutrements, I’m looking at a $10+ burger. Still worth it in my book.

  • chaahshldkalsd

    totally agree. It just sort of pains me that they price where they do because I think they are pricing themselves out. I really hope they survive… I don’t see their lunch business anymore because I work in Plano now… but i feel like their volume would be higher if they lowered price a little bit.

    also… the mac & cheese @ stackhouse is AMAZING. And their chili is spot on.