Battuto’s Italian Kitchen is Closed and Pat Snuffer Will Take the Space and Open Pat and Mike’s

Battuto's Italian Kitchen in North Dallas has closed. The rumor is Pat Snuffer is taking it over to open a burger joint called Pat and Mike's.

Gene and Julie Gates are moving to Raleigh.
Gene and Julie Gates are moving to Raleigh.

The site that maps culture is reporting Gene and Julie Gates closed Battuto’s Italian Kitchen in North Dallas. Teresa “Gubbshoe” Gubbins has the poop. The radio-personalities- turned restaurateurs were offered a morning show at WRAL in Raleigh, North Carolina. They are packing up the restaurant and heading to the City of Oaks.

Gubbins writes Pat Snuffer, who sold his burger empire to Mike Karns, has dibs on the space and will open a new burger joint reportedly called Pat and Mike’s.  (No, Mr. Snuffer is not a Katherine Hepburn fan, his son, Mike, is his partner.)

Good luck to Gene and Julie Gates and thanks for keeping the spirit of Rino Brigliadori alive. I’ve been watching their numbers and the restaurant business has been a struggle for them. Let’s hope they capture the hearts of radio heads in Raleigh.


  • JonBattle

    How many different restaurants have been in that location?? It’s crazy.

    • Jeff Hayden

      Such a prime corner but nothing seems to last there. I enjoyed it when it was Bill Bates’ restaurant.

  • mark

    Bermuda triangle, Demographics are great but those people that live in that area go elswhere to eat supper. Pat should try the vacant Sonic across the street to get his feet wet..

    • Jeff Hayden

      I think Sonic had problems there because that lot is hard to get to if you are going northbound or westbound.

    • kYle

      Thing is, Croll Sushi and Chaat Cafe are located right next to the Battuto spot and both have been running for several years (knock wood).

  • FPDallas

    Great place. Sad loss for the neighborhood.

  • Jeff Hayden

    Any word on a new Snuffer’s location in Plano?

    • Nancy Nichols

      nope but you can bet there will be one soon. I will check.