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The Localist: Social Ice Wine Based Popsicles

Ready for this: frozen booze on a stick. These poptails are made by Social Ice, a North Texas company that creates frozen treats made with Texas wine and all-natural ingredients.
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The Localist: Social Ice Wine Based Popsicles

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Booze-fueled popsicles, or poptails as they are affectionately known as on the internet, are an ingenious idea marked by plenty of questions. I learned all too well about alcohol’s blatant inability to freeze when I threw a party in high school while my parents were out of town. After making the biggest bowl of vodka punch imaginable, I refilled my father’s empty bottle with water and threw it back in the freezer. It did not take long for me to fold like a house of cards once he arrived home and discovered what I had done.

I recently purchased my first popsicle mold set because I have become engrossed with creating boozy pops of my very own. One North Texas company, Social Ice Popsicles, has it all figured out. Based in nearby Grand Prairie, Social Ice creates frozen treats made with Texas wine and all-natural ingredients. Right now they offer two flavors: Mimosa Orange and Sangria Grape.

Sangria Grape is essentially a wine slushy in frozen stick form, both portable and unbelievably refreshing. One thing I found challenging were the grape skins; they seemed to be isolated to the tip of the popsicle itself, so I got all of the grapes in my first bite. The Orange Mimosa was made primarily of liquid without any fruit mixed in, which made it much more balanced and enjoyable to consume. My body temperature dropped with every bite.

I’m excited to see what other flavors they develop as their company grows. I’m a cork dork at heart, so I immediately envisioned a Rosé strawberry, or even a red-wine cherry pop. Each treat packs about 5% ABV, so you have to be at least 21 to purchase them.

Since my air conditioner has a reputation for quitting on me around the middle of August, I’ve already taken the initiative to stock my freezer in preparation for the dread that lies ahead.

Social Ice Popsicles are available for purchase at Green Grocer in Dallas.