• Dal16

    Went to see whats “NEW” at Steel tonight with some friends; I have been going their for sometime over the years. I have always loved the atmosphere and sushi (which is so delicious and is the best around) but the food entrée side has had its ups and downs, possible do to the different chefs that have been there over the years, which is probably why they still have some of the “OLD” items still on the menu and why it has never really changed. But Chef West seems to be taking the reigns and steering Steel in a great direction. Many in our group all had some of their basics the “OLD” items which were still good. I on the other hand I love trying new things and when one of my favorite restaurants does new things, that gets me excited. I had several of the “NEW” items that Chef West added to improve the menu – a couple of apps a Malaysian Mussels and the re-tweek of Pork and shrimp Potstickers both wonderful moved to some sushi always delicious then I had the feature special Ahi tuna dish (OMG Amazing) another in our group had the new Korean short ribs another OMG Amazing! So far so good I like the things Chef West is bringing hopeful the powers to be will have him change everything on the menu and move forward to a new exciting future. For me and my friends, but for me more.