Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Best Slice of NYC Pizza in Plano

This request comes from a tweet, or shall I refer to it as a TweEat? Is there good NYC pizza in Plano?

This request comes from a tweet, or shall I refer to it as a TweEat?

 @NancyNichols can a NYC transplant get a good slice of Pizza in Plano? everything i tried so has been pretty bad #newintown


  • canerosso

    Ferrari’s Pizzeria in Plano at Coit/Legacy has always had a good solid plain slice.

    • Dorothy Kemper

      I’m also a New Yorker. Ferrari’s is two thumbs down.

  • Gipson

    The best pizza in Plano can be found at Urban Crust on 15th in downtown. It’s not a classic New York slice, but the tweet didn’t specify that it had to be. The only request was that it be good.

  • JM214

    There is a new place by the name of “Mio Nonno” that’s been open for about a month now. It’s off of 75/Stacy Rd. It’s very good!

  • Rich Mullin

    Brooklyn’s on Hedgecoxe (near Ohio) Plano , or on McDermott/Alma in Allen- They are actually from Brooklyn. Plus the absolute freshest toppings anywhere.

  • TLS


  • Jeff Hayden

    That reminds me of the Mexican restaurant I saw in Mississippi with a sign that said “Owned by real Mexicans!”.

  • Johnyalamo

    Taverna Rossa in Lakeside Market has great pizza. Though it might be a little Texan for a New Yorker, they do pizza justice.

  • Melicrislo

    A NYC transplant myself, I’ve had this dilemma for a while and have kissed plenty of ‘frogs’ trying to find the ONE, while Urban Crust and Grimaldi’s is good, so far the best NYC style pizza in TX can only be found in Austin. Home Slice rocks! I will continue to kiss some “frogs” in hopes of finding good NYC style pizza in the Dallas Area

  • lck

    Agreed. Former New Yorker as well and nothing has Home Slice beat so far.

  • dvinanin

    Thanks for the suggestion, i have not heard of that one but will give it a try. I heard great things about Cane Rosso from a NYC pizza man so I will be paying you a visit in the next few weeks.

  • dvinanin

    Have not heard about this one yet but will give a shot, website doesn’t really look promising but I still want to check it out for myself. Thank you for the recco.

  • dvinanin

    Just checked out the site and the images look legit (aka what I’ve been looking for). I will certainly be vising them soon. Thank you again for the suggestion.

  • dvinanin

    Thanks for the suggestion Rich, I did try both and they were not up to the standard that I was looking for (read food snob). I find the biggest issues with pizza places I come across so far that they can’t get the crust right.

  • dvinanin

    Johny, thanks for the recco. I did try Taverna Rossa and had really great expectations once I walked in (loved the decor and theme) but was really disappointed with the results. Great beer, bad pizza (you may be right about it been “Texan”)

  • dvinanin

    Thanks for the reply, I’ve only been to Austin once (earlier this year for SXSW) and I would say overall food scene is by far better then anything in Dallas (they are like Brooklyn on crack). I have not tried Home Slice but will absolutely give it a try next time I am in Austin. Thanks again.

  • Bobbell00

    Check out Bacci’s on Midway and Park. Pretty new location but a damn good slice of pie. Family owned and operated. My favorite hidden gem in town. Followed very closely by Ferrarri’s mentioned earlier.

  • Born in NY

    Have you tried Covino’s? Nothing fancy, but a good neighborhood place with true NY-style pies. If you want a field trip, go to Zoli’s in Oak Cliff. Fantastic crust! We like Coal Vines in Dallas. Not true NY style, but high quality and close enough for my NY husband. We have not tried the Plano location.

  • Anonymous

    Have to second everything you just said. My husband was born on Staten Island and after 30 years in Dallas there is finally a selection of good pizza. Cane Rosso is supposed to be opening a location in Fairview, which might not be too far from Plano.
    Zoli’s is true NY style pizza.

  • alfonso’s italian Restaurant

    I like Covino’s and drive out to Irving for it. Zoli’s in Oak cliff for slices. Coal Vines was great when they first opened and had coal burning ovens but have since removed them. We make NY style pizza and have been in Dallas for 32 years. If you drive from Plano for a pizza the first one is on me!

    • Steven Furst

      Does Alfonso’s still do the small size pan/deep dish style pizza?

    • Born in NY

      Covino’s is in Plano at Parker and Independence Parkway. Tucked in the Southwest corner of the intersection.

    • Born in NY

      We will come up and try it!

  • Dubious Brother

    It’s hard to imagine this conversation without “the New York water is the difference” coming up.

  • TLS

    That’s a bagel thing.

  • Born in NY

    My husband, always in search of a good pie (yes to Home Slice in Austin and a bigger yes to Pizzeria Regina in Boston), did not like Cane Rosso because it isn’t American-style pizza. He thought it was too charred, but I liked it a lot. Another favorite for more than 20 years in the unassuming Brothers at Meadow and Central. Family run and straight-forward New York style. (I do not think they are related to the other Brothers Pizzas.) A newish neighborhood joint, Mimi’s at Northwest Highway and Hillcrest, also makes a New York pie. Their crust doesn’t have the depth of flavor as others, but it’s good pizza for a Sunday-night pick up.

  • Dubious Brother

    I’ve heard it about both but first heard it about pizza when I lived in NY in the early 70’s. It could be true due to mineral content of the water NYC gets from the Catskills.

  • Rodney Haas

    Agreed Pizza is disappointing at best. But not unexpected. Same ownership as Palio’s.

  • Rodney Haas

    I would suspect you are correct. All though I have not tried Zoli’s yet. Next on my list.

  • BigBlueDFW

    Carmine’s on Spring Valley and Monfort in North Dallas. Best NY slice. Ask them to leave it in a couple extra minutes for the true crust that breaks when it folds.

    In my own opinion, there are a lot of places in Dallas that serve really amazing Neapolitan pizza, but it’s not NY Pizza. It’s the same style, but NY Pizza can’t have too many ingredients on there because you need to be able to walk and eat it at the same time.

  • Werewolf of Frisco

    We really need another Zoli’s up in Far North Dallas/Plano/Frisco. We’ve actually tried several hundreds of pizza’s since moving here, and good New York-style pizza remains a niche that needs filling. Lots of mediocre, cheaply made pizzas. Cane Rosso is great Italian style pizza (and pretty much everything else). Testa Pizzeria in Frisco is also great Italian style pizza.

  • AML

    I totally agree with you! I was just waiting for someone to merntion Carmine’s Hands down, my favorite “NY Slice” in Dallas. I eat a ton of pizza and nothing compares to Carmine’s.

  • Kel


  • susan

    Also a former New Yorker here. If you’re looking for great food (pizza and other), you’re going to have to get out of Plano and into Dallas. Zoli’s claims to be the best NY pizza, but I thought it was terrible. People love it, so I may need to give it a 2nd shot. I DO love their sister restaurant, Cane Rosso, but it’s not NY style. Other favorite pizzas, although not all NY style :

    Fireside Pies
    And for a really, really simple street-style slice, Lover’s Pizza.

  • Jason Kopulos

    Chicago’s finest at spring creek and independence. LG thin crust. They are the only pizza place that put enough sauce on the pie.

  • Lisa Allen

    Joes pizza

  • Lisa Allen

    Joes pizza !!!! Then goodfellas

  • xanadistic

    I just had Cane Rosso on Gaston last weekend, and it was really good, but I love Campisi’s at Granite Park!

  • Jimmmo

    pastazios…. Addison….. In Addison Circle

    • tmw

      I am so glad you mentioned them. This is my favorite NYC slice and I’m from Queens

  • Sara Hughes

    Ferrari’s Pizzeria in Plano at Coit/Legacy has always had a good solid plain slice.

  • Vinny Ferrari

    I would love for you to give us a shot at Ferrari’s pizzeria at coit and legacy. We use fresh ingredients and only the best cheese. And our crust is the real deal. We are one of the few family owned and run pizzerias in the metroplex.

    • Kimberly DeRossett

      Hi- I’m definitely coming to see you with my daughter, but I just have a question. Do you offer vegan cheese at all? Thanks!

  • BigAl

    Don’t waste your time with Ferrari’s. I went there cause I kept hearing all about it. When I went, the staff was rude and seemed like they didn’t want to be bothered to take our order almost like they wanted us to leave. My wife asked what their known for and the answer was ‘everything’. We almost walked out, but we hungry so we just got a standard cheese pie. It was under cooked even though we asked for it well done, the dough tasted like it was 3 or 4 days old, and was just overall under whelming.

    This is coming from a NY’er who knows about dough. My wife’s family owns an Italian bakery that was started by her great grandfather back in 1901. And yes, the water does make all the difference.

    • Vinny Ferrari

      None of this is true. Our staff is always courteous
      and respectful of our patrons. We make fresh dough
      every single day. And the water has not stopped us
      from making real ny pizza. I’m sorry about your fairy
      tale visit pinocchio.

  • Paul

    Not sure about BigAl’s experience but Vinny and MaryAnn have always been welcoming every time I’ve to Ferrari’s. I don’t get back to NY enough these days, but I will say having searched throughout Plano, Ferrari’s offers the closest to my old neighborhood slice.

  • Sandi

    Carmine’s Pizza at Campbell and Coit!! It’s not in Plano but close enough. Our absolute favorite and closest to NY we have found. Been going here for years.

  • BigAl

    I understand the pride in your business, which is great. Just telling how it was when me and my wife visited about 3 months ago. Could have been a bad night, but I can assure you that none of this made up.

    You know what, I typically give a place two times in the event the first trip was an off night. I’ll be in at some point tomorrow and tell you will come back and tell everyone exactly what happened.

  • JML

    Joe’s Pizza at Parker Rd and the Tollway. Its as close as you will get to NYC!

  • Jennifer Henderson

    I have to concur on Bacci’s. I don’t usually go in for an all veggie pie, but they make a mean one among many other things. There simple cheese slice is awesome. The crust is just thin enough and the pizza bone is good. Two giant slices and a soda will only cost ya about 6 bucks. A good little hole in the wall.

  • Um, Paul in Plano?

    Getting a little defensive there Vinny?

  • Lindsey Riggs

    Joe’s at Alma and Parker (6009 W Parker Rd)

  • The Cliftonite in TX

    IMHO Lover’s on Lover’s is extremely close if not equal to NYC pedestrian style.
    Il Cane Rosso is SPOT ON Neopolitan style.
    Now if someone can find me a restaurant that makes a good beefsteak banquet.

  • Anonymous

    I disagree.
    Been there twice. Disappointed twice :'(

  • Anonymous

    It’s not New York at all (almost Cali-style, but Mellow is try Cali)
    But it is one of the better options in a city devoid of good options.

  • JerseyShore girl

    As an earlier conversation summarized: It’s the WATER!!! Out east the water has a different mineral content so it affects the taste of pizza dough and bagels! There once was a place in Fort Worth that imported the dough from NY so it tasted “authentic.” You will have to acclimate your taste buds to North Texas water. Sorry!

  • Christopher Bireley

    It’s not New York at all (almost Cali-style… though Mellow is true Cali)
    But it is one of the better options in a city devoid of good options.

  • Christopher Bireley

    I disagree.
    Been there twice. Disappointed twice :'(

  • Christopher Bireley

    Cane Rosso is the definitive pizza place in Dallas. It’s Neapolitan, not New Yorker, but I actually prefer that style slightly more (and I even lived in New York….)

  • Christopher Bireley

    It actually is both.
    Food Network did a blind tasting of 4 chefs from LA, Chicago, Phoenix, and NYC.

    They each had to make pies with water from different locations around the US. The tasters almost unanimously picked the pizza made with NYC water, regardless of the chef.

  • Roger Nall

    As someone who lived in NJ I agree. Urban Crust is not NY Pizza.

  • Dee Gonzalez

    Alfredo’s in lewisville tx 2305 state hwy 121 / behind mcdonalds family owned Italians…

  • The myth of New York pizzza

    (To answer the question before my comments that follow, I’ve never had great NY pizza in Dallas. But then, I only once had great NY pizza, even in NY. Each time I hear “this is the real thing,” I try it and am disappointed. So I haven’t tried some of the latest things mentioned in this article. A former work colleague – transplant from NJ – mentioned Luigi’s in Plano on Preston Road. I tried it once and just wasn’t impressed. I don’t remember it being bad, just literally not making a great memory.)

    The discussion of NY pizza in Dallas makes me shake my head, and not for the reasons you’d think. As a native Texan, I first had true NYC style pizza on one of my visits in 2007 or 2008 – I had it at the place next to the Letterman studio (where my son said Madonna first had NY pizza). I finally GOT all the snobbery about NY-style pizza. It had fresh, not processed, mozzarella, fresh (not dried) basil and herbs, and oh my gosh was it incredible! (Those who cite “fresher” ingredients don’t seem to note the distinction between fresh mozzarella and the packaged, shredded beige-colored stuff that expires six months from now. Fresh mozzarella looks like small dollops of cream on the pizza and – oh! – tastes so wonderful.)

    I was so ignorant with that first, memorable NY-style pizza that I almost sent it back because of the char (I thought it was burned.)

    I then moved to NYC in the fall of 2011 and tried all the “best” places on any blog or paper. For me, the best thing about NY pizza was the idea of it – while waiting in Williamsburg for a bus back to my place near Fort Greene, I could get a slice and a can of coke for $3. That was street pizza, they also call it dollar pizza. But it was decent, pretty good, a nice snack to get you where you were going. I had equally good pizza in Washington Heights, I forget the name of the place. None of the street pizza places use fresh mozzarella; that would be way too expensive.

    At one point last year or in 2012, Time Out New York had an article that, paraphrased, said there really isn’t great NY style pizza in NY anymore, that it’s become a myth. I believed it. There are so many people from elsewhere in NYC, and so much “corporate efficiency” that have crowded out the little parlors, that it’s easier to find “hill country Texas” chain restaurants in Manhattan than it is to find great pizza.

    With all that said, I tried (on the recommendation of a friend from the northeast) Domino’s Brooklyn style pizza and the shop in Washington Heights did a great job with it. The one in Fort Greene, not so much. The Domino’s Brooklyn pizza here is just a light sprinkling of cornmeal fastened onto a regular hand-tossed crust (the NY-made style of this had a thinner crust). The Domino’s near you might do a decent Brooklyn style.

    As I said, maybe try Luigi’s – the person who recommended it was from New Jersey. And with as many transplants as we have in Collin County area, Dallas really has no excuse for NOT having NYC pizza.

  • Christopher Bireley

    If you need delivery, this is was my preferred place when I lived in the Addison area. Never “blew me out of the water” but I was always satisfied with the product.

  • Christopher Bireley

    Well, Vinny, your unnecessary name-calling is leading me to believe BigAl more than you.

  • Tom

    While not in Plano, if you are going to consider driving, put Cavalli and Serious Pizza on your list. Cavalli is authentic Neapolitan pizza (similar style as Cane Rosso but more authentic with not as good of an atmosphere). They have 2 locations, Irving and McKinney but the original Irving location is better in my opinion (and BYOB). Serious Pizza in Deep Ellum does mainly slices that are indeed Serious.

  • CAB

    Urban Crust is tasty, but it is mainly crust. Not much on top.

  • CAB

    Very good pizza!

  • rosi

    Have you ever had Mexican food created by a real Mexican? There’s a big difference in getting this type of food from someone who grew up with it, and has the heritage, than a Taco Bell joint. Places such as On the Border, while usually good, are not the real McCoy.

  • rosi

    Has anyone tried Angelo & Vito’s on Legacy & Independence? The reviews sound good. The only complaint is that some folks take their kids to eat pizza, and it can get loud. Reviews are mostly good. In fact, you can BYOB

  • foodie

    there is NO truly good pizza in dallas…how about louies or bryan street pub (not bad) I am not a fan of NY pizza, I’ll take a chicago deep dish any day (no good ones here either)

  • Vinny Ferrari

    Pinocchio is name calling…lol..I thought is was pretty
    humorous myself. I thought I would add a little laughter
    to big Al’s remark. As a family business I take great
    pride in what we do. For someone to try to hurt a family
    business or any small business for that matter with a
    certain agenda is petty. Of course I’m going to get
    defensive when somebody writes something untrue like
    this. If this were the case I would think the noble thing
    would be to bring it to my attention while the customer
    is here rather then by blogging.

  • Amy Elizabeth

    I have been going to Ferraris with my family for YEARS. Big Al, maybe you had an off experience..because I have never seen Vinny or MaryAnn – or any of their staff – be anything but welcoming and warm. They have poured their heart and soul into that business. And the food is off the chain awesome. Scratch made, lots of pride. Best pizza place in town!

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