Get Ready for the Long Table Gospel Brunch on the Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge

Have brunch with 500 of your friends, hear from five gospel choirs, and support some great causes.

Chef Sharon Van Meter, chair for the Gospel Brunch.
Chef Sharon Van Meter, chair for the Gospel Brunch.

The last time I went to an all-day party underneath the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge, I ended the event with a s’mores and a bonfire. I finally saw the Trinity River Basin as it has been envisioned by so many people who have worked on activating it for years.

On Sunday, we have another chance to see its potential with the celebration of the opening of the The Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge, Trinity Skyline Trail, West Dallas Gateway Plaza, and Sylvan Avenue Bridge. The celebration is called the Trinity River Revel and will have a fun run, beer garden, playgrounds, art projects, food trucks, and a farmers market. One of the aspects I’m most looking forward to is the Long-Table Gospel Brunch. Chef Sharon Van Meter says there will be 40 chefs from all over  Texas and five gospel singing groups from West Dallas churches.

I’m told the attire is casual, but bring hats and fans. The brunch will take place on a long table on the newly opened Continental Avenue Pedestrian Bridge.