Pretzel Stout. Photo by Kevin Marple.

Final Beer Head-to-Head Results

The final results of your votes on the 4 beer match-ups.

We wanted to know if you agreed with our rankings of the best beers in Dallas, so we gave you four match-ups to vote on.

First, in the light category, there was the Franconia Koelsch vs. Peticolas Golden Opportunity. 64% of you chose Peticolas, leaving 36% to Franconia, which had also placed dead last in our taste test. Then in week two, we went wheat and put Revolver’s Blood & Honey up against Armadillo’s Greenbelt Farmhouse Ale. You chose Armadillo at 63%, leaving Revolver with 37%.

You were a little more divided when it came to local IPAs. Community Mosaic IPA took 54% of the vote in our third match-up, and Deep Ellum IPA got 46%.
Finally, we got to the heavy brews. We pitted Lakewood’s The Temptress against Martin House’s Pretzel Stout, and there was no mistaking your preference: 84% of you picked Pretzel Stout over Temptress, who ended with just 16%.

In review, all four votes line up with our own findings. This is how your winners stacked up on the taste test:

#3 – Martin House Pretzel Stout

#9 – Community Mosaic IPA

#17 – Armadillo Greenbelt Farmhouse Ale

#24 Peticolas Golden Opportunity