Fake Steven Spielberg Repeats Performance at Mesero Miguel

A man pretending to be Steven Spielberg shows up at Mesero Miguel. AGAIN!

Silly people. Everybody. I mean EVERYBODY knows Steven Spielberg is right handed.
Silly people. Everybody. I mean EVERYBODY knows Steven Spielberg is right handed.

In early April, management at Mesero Miguel told me Steven Spielberg had dined. I wrote a post and published his picture.  A few hours later, I was contacted by Kristin Stark, a nice lady from DreamWorks Studios in Universal City. She said no way. Stark is a Dallas gal so she and he boss, Mesero Spielberg, will get a kick, or maybe not, out of this email I received yesterday.

 Hi Nancy. I have a small story for you. About the Steven Spielberg look a like at MM on Henderson. We saw him Saturday night. We sat next to him and saw him play up the Steven Spielberg thing again. I heard table after table ask him if he was Mr. Spielberg. He played it up and it was amazing. I had just told my husband I saw your article before we went there and we sat right next to him. When the girls behind him asked him if he was Steven Spielberg he told them he was. They were all giddy. He rubbed their shoulders and shook their hands. He came back later and told them he wasn’t. And they said wow you really resemble him. I heard him tell his table mates things like it’s the “Spielberg thing” again. And the ladies who were with him thanked Steven for dinner. It was really wrong. I heard him say the management there asked him to come in the VIP entrance and to cut back the beard because it was to disturbing for patrons. Oy vey. This guy is something else. This is obviously his claim to fame there.

He says the restaurant asked him to trim his beard because it was to distracting for patrons? How about they ask him to tell inquisitive customers that he is not Steven Spielberg. What a putz.