The Localist: Post Oak Red Hots by Chef Brian Luscher

Our local food writer discovers Luscher Post Oak Red Hots stand at the White Rock Local Market. She tells you where you can buy them so you can cook them this holiday weekend.

Luscher's Red HotsLast weekend, while browsing the produce selection at White Rock Local Market, I was seduced by the aroma of smoky goodness coming from the Luscher Post Oak Red Hots stand. Red Hots sausages are a mixture of locally raised meats smoked over oak wood. The result is a snappy tube of meat that is smoky, juicy, and undeniably delicious.

Post Oak Red Hots are the brainchild of notable chef/owner of The Grape restaurant Brian Luscher. Born just outside of Chicago in Elgin, Illinois to a family of restaurateurs and food lovers, he has spent his life cooking and working in restaurants. In 2007,  he purchased the east Dallas institution, and since taking over the reigns he’s received widespread acclaim for his house-made charcuterie and brunch fare.

It’s difficult to find a better dog in Dallas. Soft poppy seed buns cradle each sausage and each one comes fully loaded with onions, tomatoes, spicy mustard, pickles, and sport peppers. The fresh topping combination is a nod to Chicago style dogs, but loaded with locally made high-quality ingredients. However, there was no neon green relish around. Why? “Because neon doesn’t exist in nature,” Luscher says. “It’s full of corn syrup. I used to swear by the stuff, but as I matured, I realized I didn’t need to be a slave to hot dog dogma. I don’t put shitty tomatoes or cheap mustard on my dogs either.”

Luscher sells packages of his Post Oak Red Hots and Italian Sausages at various retail stores around town. I’ve seen them in the refrigerated sections of the Green Grocer in Dallas and Local Yocal in McKinney. You can also find them on restaurant menus across the DFW area.

I plan to pick up a couple of packages this week to help ring in the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Grilling outdoors while sipping on some ice-cold beers is a perfect way to spend time with friends and family.