The Mecca for biscuits and gravy was The Mecca.

Somebody Help This Poor Girl: Best Biscuits and Gravy in Dallas

This cry comes from a woman who is pregnant. She is obsessed with biscuits in gravy. Tell her where to find the best.

This cry comes from a woman who is pregnant. She is obsessed with biscuits in gravy. I searched our records and found a list we compiled in 2009. It made me miss The Mecca and my favorite waitress (Becky, where are you?).  Listen to this mother-to-be:

Nancy, I am four months pregnant and eating like a horse. My cravings are for soft, fattening foods. It’s weird. Meat or chicken turns my stomach and I find myself eating bread, particularly biscuits with country gravy. My friend told be to go to Barbec’s but they didn’t do the trick. My in-laws will be here this weekend and I thought I’d take them several places that serve biscuits and gravy so I might indulge on their dime. Can your readers help this poor girl? Thanks.


  • kingbrad

    Bubba’s biscuits and gravy is pretty good. Big sausage chunks in the gravy

  • Johnyalamo

    Circle Grill.

  • LJT

    Smoke, if you can handle a little spice in the sausage!

  • Greg Brown

    I have never understood the attraction of Barbec’s. Average on a good day, and there are not many good days. Right next door is Hypnotic Donuts and they have a very good biscuit with gravy, along with many other treats to appease those pregger cravings. Company Cafe also does a nice job–the biscuit is gluten free (if you are into that) and their gravy is unctuous and peppery. Their OJ is fresh-squeezed, too, and is a great gravy-chaser. Best wishes to you and your bambino!

  • Mr Obvious

    Jonathon’s in the OC. House made biscuits and peppered gravy. Hypnotic’s are good too.

  • Wendy Wright

    Babes Barbeque in Frisco. They don’t have the traditional breakfast menu, but their biscuits are awesome. The gravy you can get with the meal.

  • cbs

    definitely disagree. Absolutely love barbec’s. Beer biscuits are definitely different than buttermilk. Really just a matter of preference. Is barbec’s fine dining, no, but for a solid breakfast greasy spoon it’s about the best Dallas has to offer.

  • kYle

    I had Bubba’s biscuits and gravy on Tuesday. The biscuits were wonderful, gravy delicious, but I would not describe the sausage in the gravy as “big” or “chunks.” More like finely ground.

  • Scarpettafan214

    In my opinion, you couldn’t go wrong with Jonathan’s in Oak Cliff or Crossroads Diner on Walnut Hill. Both are really good, but the biscuits are Crossroads Diner are heavenly.

  • januarywins

    Poor Richard’s in Plano.

  • golfnfashion

    Second for Crossroads Diner. And have the corned beef hash while you’re there.

  • lex

    The Grape has an awesome dish during Sunday brunch

  • kyndbrah

    Barbec’s or Crossroads

  • Laurie

    I have been very disappointed with most biscuits in town, including those from Hypnotic Jonathan’s and Bubba’s–the latter taste only of bacon grease to me. However, I love Bubba’s rolls, along with the rolls from Prego at Preston and Forest and also in Plano. Soft and delicious. I would buy some gravy, but make your own biscuits. They are very easy. Try these:

  • nahara07

    Bubba’s, Original Market Diner, Jonathon’s Oak Cliff, Mama’s Daughter’s Diner

  • Akagreenhouse

    I like Momma’s Daughter’s Diner for regular home cooking. Their biscuits and gravy are pretty tasty!

  • biscuiteater

    All Good Cafe

  • Christi Whitfield


  • TheGuy

    Barbec’s (but only if they’re hot, and ask for whipped butter), Babes, JJ’s Diner (grilled, and buttery) in Lake Highlands. Not a fan of Crossroads.

  • Cindy Quebe

    Ham & Eggs in Lewisville. The biscuit covers the plate and is HUGE !!! When you get a pancake ( to go , you have to put it in a pizza box to fit .

  • Cindy Quebe

    Ham & Eggs in Lewisville ( The biscuits are HUGE and cover the plate !! )

  • Brandan Kelley

    Jonathans – Oak Cliff
    Le Bilboquet with Duck fat gravy and eggs

  • Brandan Kelley

    Jonathans Oak Cliff
    Le Bilboquet last week with duck fat gravy and eggs

  • auntiecairo

    If you like traditional then I think Bubbas; Jonathon’s and Barbecs. Crossroads aren’t really traditional and their gravy is watery. Breadwinners has some that are decent.

  • kmj

    Libertine on greenville ave!!

  • Amber

    I have to agree with you Circle Grill hands down is the best for biscuits and gravy. I have had some of the other places mentioned such as Hypnotic and I still have to say Circle Grill is the best!

  • Brad RD

    5th Street Patio Cafe in Frisco…hands down the best.

  • Devo

    Chicken Scratch, has great biscuits and gravy, plus many other biscuit items that might not turn your stomach!

  • TPF

    Plus one for Crossroads. Their yeasty biscuits and perfectly made gravy go very well together. And count me as another who hates Barbecs. It is mediocre at best.

  • b&gsnob

    Not Nick & Sam’s Grill (anymore).. the biscuits used to be really fluffy and delicious.. now I would liken the recipe to a canned Pillsbury biscuit at best… which I will say has it’s place.. but it is not under gravy.. which is a bit of a moot point at N&S Grill because you will get at best one teaspoon on both biscuits combined.. everything else on their menu is great.. but these were a bitter letdown..

    Nickel & Rye has surprisingly good biscuits & gravy

  • Sean Fulton

    Bolsa duck fat biscuits and gravy are the best.

  • Sean Fulton

    Bolsa’s duck fat biscuits and gravy are the best.

  • ricarols

    Al Beirnat’s – Wednesday lunch only; awesome biscuit that accompanies the Chicken Fried Chicken with Jalapeño Gravy (order extra) and soft, soft garlic mashed potatoes!!

  • SRS

    Lucky’s (on Oak Lawn) has very good biscuits and they come complimentary (with cornbread) to the table. Haven’t had gravy there – but the biscuits are great!

  • Lis

    We like Chubby’s on NW Highway near Jupiter.

  • Robin Austin

    Starwood Café in Frisco (and newly opened in Flower Mound) has yummy biscuits. not to mention other great breakfast items! I have not tried their gravy because I’m a butter & jelly kind of girl, but I have a feeling it is good too.

  • Tawny

    Sissy’s. Sunday brunch.

  • kindallas

    I’d love to hear what places she chose, and what she thought of them :-).

  • picky eater

    I agree that Jonathon’s in Oak Cliff makes the most delicious biscuits and gravy ever.

  • Brandy

    Corner Bar but they only have them on Sundays. They also serve them with chicken fried steak and 2 fried eggs, if you so desire.

  • mswilly

    The Paris Cafe in Fort Worth is definitely worth the trip. They still start the biscuits every morning at 4:00.

  • Putter Evans

    Has to be Crossroad’s Diner or Lucky’s!!!

  • Putter Evans

    Has to be Crossroad’s Diner or Lucky’s!!!!

  • Lauren

    Kel’s on Forest! Traditional old school diner with all the southern food essentials!

  • Born in NY

    Reading this made me crave biscuits! I ordered one (plain with no gravy) at The Porch. Quite good. Next time I might go for the whole BGE dish of three biscuits, gravy, and eggs.

  • gabe

    The biscuits and homemade jams at Crossroads Diner on Walnut Hill are a piece of heaven. Their eggs benedict are the best in town.

  • gabe

    A new restaurant in Preston Center, on Luther Ln., has become our new favorite. It is Peak’s Wood Fired Grill, specializing in seafood, with jumbo lump crab cakes being our favorite. The wood-fired burgers have amazing flavor, and are cooked to order.

  • MsJulia

    A little hole in the wall in the Bishop Arts District called El Jordan makes incredible biscuits and gravy, and it’s super cheap. Jonathon’s is wonderful; amazing gravy. Ozona on Greenville is also excellent. And I, too, vote Barbec’s as overrated at best.

  • TristanJacole

    5th Street Patio Cafe in Frisco. Doesn’t get any better!!