Somebody Help This Poor Boy: Low-Brow Steakhouse in Dallas

We have a reader who is looking for good "low-brow" steakhouse. He doesn't want Prime and or class, just a good steak, a baked tater with all the fixins, and a salad with ranch on it.

This is the opposite of what he wants. (Bob's by Kevin Marple)
This is the opposite of what he wants. (Bob’s by Kevin Marple)

This request comes from a loyal reader with a sunny disposition. His request is simple and to the point. He asks:

I’ve been looking for good “low-brow” steakhouses to visit either in the DFW area or just outside it. I don’t want prime and I don’t want class. Think of Dunstons, Trail Dust, or Cattlemans in Fort Worth with a good steak, a baked tater with all the fixins, and a salad with ranch on it.


  • bigjondaniel

    The best cheap steak in Dallas is Charco Broiler, and it’s the best bakes potato in the city

    • Greg Brown

      Hey thanks for the rec! I eat lunch in that area a lot. Will put it on the rotation.

    • jeffstrater

      The last time I went there it was just OK but I will go back. The baked potato was the best.

  • Anonymous

    He answered his own question, Dunstons, on Harry Hines.

    — Phelps

  • ChefJordy

    Dunston’s. Back room.

  • Brad Schweig

    I’ve been to Dunstons, Train Dust, and Cattlemans. I’m looking for some places I haven’t been yet and hoping yall know of some.

  • Wes Mantooth

    If you find yourself in Decatur, Sweetie Pie’s Ribeyes on the square really fits the bill.

  • Gipson

    It’s a chain, but you won’t beat Texas Roadhouse for quality, affordability and service. This is a peanut shells on the floor kind of place.

  • TLS


  • whatup

    best by far – Cock and Bull in Lakewood – filet is amazing

  • twinwillow

    Texas Land & Cattle serves a very credible steak.

  • Sheets

    Ranchman’s Cafe Ponder, TX

    • Rodney Haas

      Hard to find, but it would fit your bill. Of couerse by the time you drive out there and back… You can probably pay for a nicer steakhouse.

    • Kessler Porker

      Last time we went there it just wasn’t the same as old times. Couldn’t put my finger on it. Maybe it was because Pete is gone. Maybe I growed up some. The drive out there isn’t as fast or as country either. Everything changes.

  • adkim

    My favorite $10-15 steak is from Bucks Prime. $15-25 goes to Dunston’s or Salt Grass.

  • That dude

    The Lodge….can’t get any more “low-brow” than that.

  • That dude

    Definitely Angelo’s in Irving. Sure it’s not Bob’s Steak and Chop House, and the Angelo’s waitresses may not have all their teeth, but you can get a decent steak dinner for about $15 with side salad and a choice of either bake potato or spaghetti. Also their lunch menu is incredibly cheap. Miss that place. Wish I still worked in Irving.

  • Ldg

    If he likes a great Rib Eye Lunada Tex Mex Grill has a dish and it comes with a grilled shrimp enchilada a salad with sliced avocado, it is fantastic!

  • Dick

    Never gone wrong at Saltgrass. Always tasty, and salad and baked potato great. Check out the Shiner Bread.

  • Dick

    Never gone wrong at Saltgrass. Great juicy steaks and Shiner Bock Bread.

  • jeffstrater

    I always wonder why we don’t have the super low brow chains in Dallas like Bonanza, Ponderosa, Sizzler or Sirloin Stockade. Not even in the burbs!

  • Kessler Porker

    There used to be a Bonanza, or was it Ponderosa, on Buckner. And we did have Sizzlers. All the good old diners are closing. Circle Grill I-30 at Buckner is good if you have to have liver & onions right now!