PB&J pancakes at Tillman's. (Photography by Manny Rodriguez)

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Monica Greene has pulled a permit to open Pegaso Diner in space formerly known as Tiff & Andi’s in Fort Worth. The news comes from eagle-eyed Gubbshoe Gubbins over at the place that puts culture on a map.  She spotted said permit in the window and took a picture. Many of you geezers, or people who actually live or work downtown, may remember the short-lived, but excellent Pegaso Cafe Mexicano y Taqueria Greene opened in 2003 at 1302 Main. It was a casual, authentic taqueria way before authentic taquerias were hip. However, Greene says the project she is working on in Fort Worth is still undefined as far as the food goes. “It won’t be a Pegaso Café. It will be more of an offshoot of the BEE idea,” Greene says. “My friend and business partner Jay Coates asked me to help him open a concept and we have been working on an idea for a long time. We are a long way away from defining what it will be. Commenting or discussing this concept prematurely would be irresponsible as its identity is still in development.”  Okay then: No hay más preguntas.

Nobu Dallas turns 10 today! Austin native Carl Murray has been promoted to execuchef. The restaurant will host a special happy hour tonight from 5:00pm – 7:00pm. with complimentary signature dishes including smoked duck breast skewers with vanilla yuzu miso, wagyu shortrib skewers with chili soy, and seared scallop skewers with chimmi churri salsa.

The Holy Grail. Like bourbon? Get a room in Plano from June 2nd to the 6th. The Holy Grail is hosting a whole week of whiskey tasting flights and bourbon aged beer tastings. I’d copy and paste the nightly events, but it’s a pdf and I don’t know how to do that. You can find it here. The bread budding with whiskey butter beer sauce got my attention.

Texas House Farm-to-Table Caucus. Put on you thinking cap and sign up for what is billed as “the nation’s first bi-partisan, state legislative caucus in support of family farms and sustainable farming. Notable Dallas chefs, including Graham Dodds (Central 214  Hibiscus), Sharon Hage (SHage Consulting), Adam “Batman” West (The Porch) and Mark Wootton (Garden Café), will prepare a dinner inspired by the farm-to-table movement by using ingredients from local farms served with local craft beers and spirits.”

On June 12, there will be a dinner at the Dallas Farmers Market that will “bring together farmers, members of the caucus, Dallas residents, and local food influencers to raise money in support of Legislative education on local food issues. The next morning, there will be a listening session at the Dallas Farmers Market.  Local farmers will talk about current issues and speak directly to their representatives. The goal of the Texas House Farm-to-Table Caucus’ “Texas Farm-to-Market Tour” is to provide farmers with the opportunity to meet and speak directly to the caucus’ 28 members to affect legislative change at the capitol during the upcoming session. Tickets are now available here.

“What We Would Drink” Wine Tasting experience. Ever wonder what sommeliers drink in their spare time? Or if they drink all of the time? If so, Pappas Bros. Steakhouse has an event just for you. Master sommelier Barbara Werley and her associate sommeliers have hand-selected wines from around the globe for this unique tasting. After they’ve washed their hands, they will invite guests to “embark on a private, worldwide journey as expert sommeliers guide novice and experienced tasters through an extensive array of varietals. The evening’s hand-selected collection boasts a vast array of labels that showcase high quality international wines, expressions that have duly impressed Pappas Bros. Steakhouse sommeliers.” Bam. Friday evening, June 13. $55 per person. Reservations required. Call: 214-366-2000. Send pictures of wine labels.

Tillman’s Roadhouse. I’m writing this as a favor to our petite managing editor, Liz Johnstone. She’s about the size of a 32 GB flash drive, but she can eat you under the table. She loves Tillman’s. This will make her happy.Tillman’s has a new summer menu which includes the PB&J pancakes with housemade grape preserves, and caramelized bananas pictured above. If that doesn’t put you in a food coma, choose smoked duck nachos or a green chile burger with Chihuahua cheese, lemon aioli, arugula, and Lemley’s tomatoes. (Is there no other farmer who grows tomatoes?) They’ve also added ginormous cinnamon rolls and milkshakes with a straw made out of bacon (true).



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  • Greg Brown

    There are so many long-running, great restaurants out there that are just under the radar. Tillman’s Roadhouse is one of them. They have been cooking great stuff and providing great service for years and years and years.

  • lizuhbuh

    I love you, Nancy. And I also love those tater tots.

  • Randy

    Liz can eat me under the table? Nice work. Made me smile.

  • RegularJoe

    Good stuff. Wish Monica the best. And the farmers deal sounds cool. Is Liz married? If like to take her to eat at Tillman’s.

  • FriendlyCorrection

    Graham Dodds is the Executive Chef at Hibiscus. I don’t think Central 214 is in business anymore…

    • Nancy Nichols

      Yes, you are correct. This was copy and pasted from a press release. I made the call to let it stand, but I should have made a snarky comment on people who write press releases.