• Don Whitson

    Rumor is the new owners of the center are raising the rents substantially and several tenants including other long time restaurants are either leaving or seriously considering leaving. Too bad…the center has a great variety of very good choices. I guess we just stay tuned.

  • Greg Brown

    Our first and last trip consisted of the most bland and uninspired Old Fashioned ever followed by a waiter who could not explain the appetizers. He just flat out did not know them. We decided to cut or losses at that point. I did inform the manager and he offered to get us a new waiter, but the literal bad taste in my mouth from the cocktail had us running. We went to Zen Sushi where the staff know their jobs and had a great dinner. I wish them the best on their renovations.

  • twinwillow

    .Sounds like par for the course for Avner

  • PF1

    Perhaps they are relocating to One Arts Plaza. . .

  • EN B

    It’s really a shame what’s happening to the restaurant scene as it relates to the greedy landlords.

    • twinwillow

      Unfortunately, it relates to all retail businesses in Dallas. Dallas landlords are a horribly greedy bunch! They think all the retail properties they own are comparable to those on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

  • 31858060

    An Avner restaurant closing is news?

  • sherman

    Rents are going up but when you stop coming to your own restaurant and the food becomes unedible even to dedicated loyalists and bathroom looks like a Stuckeys in Winslow Arizona on a Saturday morning, maybe it’s not really the landlord that should be kicked in the nuts.

  • gjm

    This is no suprise….not paying your vendors, landlords, and employees is bad karma…………………………………..

  • kman

    Avner is a thief, a cheat and a scam artist.

  • marty

    my wife and I purchased 2 gift certificates to Nosh. Now that its closed how do we either use the certificates or receive a refund. not very happy if they new the restaurant was closing and they sold the certificates anyway.

  • marty

    my wife and I bought 2 gift certificates to Nosh. how can we redeem them or get our money back. very disappointed if the sold us these items knowing they were closing.