Food Feedback Friday: Carol Shih is Gone Edition

This morning, I am in mourning. Spunky and talented Carol Shih has left her post as an editor on SideDish to live the Jefferson Airplane-life in San Francisco. Bye, Carol. Let's get on with Food Feedback Friday.


This morning, I am in mourning. Spunky and talented Carol Shih has left her post as an editor on SideDish to live the Jefferson Airplane-life in San Francisco. Bye, Carol.

Let’s get on with the feedback business. Please tell us where you ate this week. Last week, you ate like good little piggies and reported on Palapas Seafood Bar, Bite City Grill, Melt Ice Creams, Mi Dia from Scratch, La Duni, Momo’s, Blind Butcher, Savor, and the Grape. 


  • Greg Brown

    This may veer a little from the traditional restaurant reviews, but this is FOOD Feedback Friday, after all. We went to the White Rock Farmers Market at the Green Spot last Saturday morning. Spring Onions and Rainbow Chard were everywhere. That evening I made a simple Caramelized Onion & Goat Cheese Tart, wilted Rainbow Chard and a juicy and tender pan seared Pork Chop from Juha Ranch. Dessert consisted of lightly toasted Meyer Lemon and Rosemary bread form Village Bakery, all purchased at the market. The onions and chard were crisp and fresh and had that wonderful flavor of the soil that you just don’t get from the larger growers. The Juha Ranch people are so nice and they have a wide range of cuts of beef, lamb, & pork. I have never been disappointed with any cut I have purchased from them. Village is my favorite bakery in Dallas. I don’t know how they do it, but their products are consistently light and fresh and the flavors always stand out. It’s great to go to the market, get what’s fresh and then let the food do the talking.

    And best wishes, Carol!

  • Mike

    She is going to fit in better in San Francisco anyway.

  • alyb803

    Sunday night was one of Tom Spicer’s special dinners in the garden. Tom was joined by guest chef Lily Hanson, and the pair created a wonderful spring evening with fresh from-the-garden flavor. We were greeted with prosecco cocktails (your choice of watermelon/mint or fresh peach) or house-made Bloody Marys, for the passed apps of 2 varieties of crostini (black garlic/charred wild leek or mozzarella/fresh herb. After greeting old friends and making some new ones, we were seated and started with a fresh spring pea that brought all the flavors of spring into the bowl. The Spicer’s Special salad was a little of this and a little of that, some picked while we were chatting with Tom. Our next course was my favorite, a Garden Benedict with a farm egg, jumbo lump crab and mornay sauce over a biscuit. The main was “bunnies and carrots”-a cassoulet of rabbit, fava beans, carrots etc., accompanied by a risotto of barley, morels and shallots. I know there was dessert, but there was also a lot of (BYOB) wine and someone else is going to have to remind me what it was. Spicer’s garden dinners are a real treat, and one of our favorite ways to spend a spring evening. I think he plans to do more of them this year, so check ’em out!

  • Anonymous

    Green Grocer this week, looking forward to having lunch by the pool at the Palomar and Sunday brunch at Terilli’s!

  • hubert

    bye, Carol 🙁

  • rvponders

    I agree with you re: Village Baking Co! Those kouign-amaan are my kryptonite!

  • rvponders

    Had the Nutella cake at La Duni, which is still on my list of best 5 desserts in the city, along with their double espresso. Amazing stuff.

    Also had dinner one night at Afrah and the next night at Underground in Las Colinas. Between that awesome garlic sauce from Afrah and the mustard seed-based curry from Underground, I feel like I owe an apology to anyone within 10 feet of me the next few days. Afrah was hoppin’ on a Wednesday somewhat late at night – lotta fun, and that pastry case is always tempting.

    Finally got to eat at Bird Cafe in Sundance Square this weekend – same menu as the Moth, but I think I may prefer this location – the space is HUGE and you get to see people running through the water “fountain.”

  • Mark W.

    Sad to hear of Carol’s departure! Sounds like a great opportunity for her, though.