Food Feedback Friday

Did you get out to dine this week? Discover anything new and exciting or perchance have a dreadful dinner? We'd love to hear the good, bad, and the ugly.

Did you get out to dine this week? Discover anything new and exciting or perchance have a dreadful dinner? We’d love to hear the good, bad, and the ugly. Last week you dined at Il Cane Rosso, Nonna Tata in Fort Worth, and  FRANK underground dinner, with Master Chef former contestants Jennie Kelley & Ben Starr.


  • Fowler Nordheim

    Best dinner this week: Fogo de Chao in Austin. The main dining area is a smaller space than the Fogo we frequent in Addison, and the service is more personal. The house-labeled malbec is a bargain and pairs well with the grilled meats.

    Best lunch: Italian combo sandwich from Carbone’s. Let the peppery vinaigrette & loose bits of sandwich filling fall out on the chips at the bottom of the to-go box then eat the chips with a fork. Freaking incredible.

  • DDL

    Parigi is ever wonderful. Had a super delicious salmon BLT sandwich at Ascencion. Also find the food at Savor consistently great; the service not so much. Plus, their booths are uncomfortably low for the tables and the restrooms are practically pitch dark. Yet, the space is lovely and the view wonderful.

  • Greg Brown

    Let me tell you about 20 Feet. We started with some east coast oysters that were so ever clean & subtle. The briny liquid and just a pinch of lime brought out flavors I have never experienced with a “simple” oyster. The Coconut Shitake Mushroom soup was one of the best I ever experienced. Each ingredient perfectly prepared—just the right amount of crunch, unctuous broth & spices that all together left the head swirling. The Monkfish was well prepared and the tomato coulis and mashed potatoes reminded me again of why I love that combination mixed together on a fork. Dessert was Strawberries and Cream with a lemon scone whose subtlety, lightness and fragrance still makes me stare off into the distance. BYOB and a comfy porch make it your place to hang and enjoy.

  • Michael Merriman

    Went to Carbones for an Italian family dinner. Market fish over lentils was superb. Beet salad great. The btg wine selection hit the spot, too, although no Campari due to no mixed bev license. Great food was had by kids and adults alike.
    On the stroll back to the car, I was shocked to see the door of Nosh padlocked. Was this reported in the press? I had no idea they were closed. NN? Carol Shih? What gives?

    • Corky Luxembourg

      NN and Carol Shih probably have no idea about it. Leslie B, an actual journalist (as opposed to the Gossip Queen Dishers) reported on it in The Guide’s blog Eater when the news first broke.

  • rvponders

    Droppin’ names like they’re hot – sorry in advance for being that guy, but I’m pretty pumped about my totally diligent but not at all dainty (you can’t call it dainty when I spilled as much coffee/food on myself as I did) adventures in eating this week:

    1) Ascension – The staff here is amazing, so polite and informative, even in response to some dumb questions on my part. The parking situation is less awesome, though I did enjoy watching two spots open up as I was walking into the coffeehouse after parking way down the street. I’ve had coffee here awesome, but the food is pretty great as well – I really want to know where they get their croissants. You get to see a great cross-section of Dallas folk here – all the business people there obviously conducting business make me feel lazy, since I’m invariably here without a laptop or anything more exciting to do besides read someone’s left-behind paper or play Monopoly on my phone.

    2) Kalachandji’s – Needed a shot of good karma, and this place is a nice place to forget you’re in a bustling city when needed. The day I went the food didn’t quite match the heights of previous visits, but it’s still better than 95% of what you’ll find around town.

    3) Chino Chinatown – Um, well, the duck fat fried rice is still the best fried rice in the Metroplex. I’m curious to see/hear what other people’s experiences (if any) have been.

    4) Zoli’s NY Pizzeria – Been cheating on ’em for weeks now with Cane Rosso, but there ain’t nothing like the NY slices to take me back to my NYC days, when I could pop into any mom ‘n’ pop pizza store and come out with the BEST PIZZA EVER. And just like Zoli’s, they never survived the trip home. My only regret is that I didn’t get a bowl of garlic knots – darn family history of diabetes.

    5) Royal China – Dinner tonight. Nothing like watching the noodle man and the dumpling ladies. But the entire staff from front of house on back is so polite and so obviously happy to be there, it’s infectious. I always leave feeling good about life. There are very few places I will drive as far as I do, on as many toll roads as I do, to get here, and even fewer places that I’m smiling at driving through awful holiday traffic to get to, but this is on that very, very short list. Also gotta say the jalapeno pork is gonna be a new favorite. As always, dumplings and lamian were outstanding.

    6) Society Bakery – Ordered a dozen cookie cups – had ’em with milk to toast a special occasion. They were awesome. Everyone in DFW needs to experience these things at least once. They’re pricey, but so worth it. Why didn’t these exist when I was a kid?

    Coming this weekend – dinner at Eddie V’s in Fort Worth and Fearing’s, and brunch at Brewed in Fort Worth and Mesa in Oak Cliff (we’ve got some visitors). May go to Smoke instead on Sat or Sun for brunch, but I’m not sure what crowds will be on a holiday, and I hate waiting (too bad they won’t take reservations).

  • rvponders

    Ascension, Kalanchandji’s, Chino Chinatown, Royal China, Society Bakery and Zoli’s NY Pizzeria this week.

    Planning on Fearing’s, Eddie V’s in the Fort, Brewed FW and Mesa over the weekend, thanks to some awesome visitors from out of town.

    That’s all. I wrote more, but looks like the internet decided it was hungry and ate it. Oh well brevity’s a virtue right?

  • rvponders

    Nancy, if you have any recommendations regarding the best dim sum in town, would be much appreciated. Know Kirin Court, but I’ve been hearing a lot of chatter about JS Chen’s as well as other places… I usually only dim sum it up when I’m in Houston or New York, but…

  • allison

    Actually, the did know about it & they did report it a few weeks ago.

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