Adios tires, hello burgers.

Brooke Humphries Bringing Pint and Quarts Burger Joint to Greenville

The burger news comes on the heels of Humphries' announced Mudsmith expansion, to downtown Dallas and Frisco.

Mudsmith/Beauty Bar/Barcadia/It’ll Do/basically-everything-else-around-town owner Brooke Humphries will (hopefully) soon open Pints and Quarts, a burger shop at the intersection of Ross and Greenville.

The location is currently a tire shop, and the building’s bones are everything Humphries was looking for.

“It will be kind of a vintage gas station vibe…along the lines of Shake Shack,” Humphries said. “You cant grab a burger on this side of town, I don’t know if you’ve noticed. You have to drive. That’s the one thing we’re lacking.”

The burger news comes on the heels of Humphries’ announced Mudsmith expansion, to downtown Dallas and Frisco. Pints and Quarts is expected to open before either of those, she said. The original goal was to open mid-summer, which is clearly not happening.

“Changing a tire shop to a burger place will probably prove to be a little delicate,” she said.

And while burgers are welcome news for many, the loss of the shop could yield some cheap-tire anger, if Yelp review are any indication. Get your cheap and fast tire patches while you can.


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  • VMan

    Those guys at the tire shop are the greatest, they pull a nail and plug it in minutes for $10 or something. Have you noticed it is impossible to find an air hose these days, pull in and they fill your tires for you for free. I’ve been going there since the late 70s, no idea how long it has been open. Hope they got a lot of money for the building. It also has zero parking, it can hardly handle three cars at once.

  • dd3

    let’s hope the food tastes better than her other establishments. also – you can get burgers all up and down greenville…

  • Ryan Standifer

    Can’t grab a burger in east dallas/lower Greenville? That’s the most insane quote ever. Hey Brooke ever heard of the Lakewood landing? Hopefully it will be better than the burger at barcadia.

  • PF1

    No burgers? McDonalds is across the street, Burger King a couple blocks away – they may not qualify to some, but they are burgers. Chips, Liberty, Lakewood Landing are not far away.

    • twinwillow

      And Snuffer’s isn’t that far up Greenville, either.

  • ANNA

    The heart of America Try to make a living
    support mama & Pa Business!
    I Never been there but if I have a time I will stop and by
    do not need to patch a tire …
    I just love old fashion business like the old days
    That’s what made me follow in Love with America.

  • Mr Obvious

    “You cant grab a burger on this side of town, I don’t know if you’ve noticed. You have to drive. That’s the one thing we’re lacking.”

    Huh? What about: John’s Cafe, Dallas Beer Kitchen, HG Sply, Char Bar, Company Cafe and The Libertine? Hell, even Palapas has a burger on its menu. All within walking distance.

  • Rich Graham

    Wow, after reading the Yelp review of the tire shop, I almost want to drive on nails and glass just to go there.

    No burgers around here? Are you fucking kidding? You can’t hardly turn around in this town without stepping on another goddamn burger place.

  • Gabe

    Snuffers is just down the street with the best burgers in Dallas, cooked to order on poppy seed buns.

  • Ilikeburgers

    There are at least a dozen nearby burger joints, some really good. they are going to have to compete on price or they will fail.

  • caro

    Ha ha! I talked to the guys at the tire shop, and they say they’re not closing any time soon. They’ve got two more years on their lease and business is great! Love the tire shop.

  • Happycat

    Hey, the tire shop is STILL OPEN. I’m here right now getting 2 new tires. The owner and his employees had no idea that the place was being sold. They’ve had several customers tell them that they thought the shop had closed already. Thanks to this article, their business has gone done. But they are still here and they have a contract (2-3 years more) with the new owner of the property.