Breaking Barbecue News: Cattleack BBQ in Dallas Now Open on Thursdays

Cattleack BBQ is on the Bad Names for Restaurants List even though it’s not really a restaurant. Once a take-out-only-on-Fridays barbecue outlet. it's now a take-out-only-on-Thursdays-and-Fridays-barbecue outlet.

On January 24 I wrote:

I won’t lie to you. Cattleack BBQ is going on the Bad Names for Restaurants List. Wait, it’s not really a restaurant. It’s a take-out-only-on-Fridays barbecue outlet. I will honestly tell you I have never heard of this place. ‘Natch, the BBQ Snob has been there and so has the Texas BBQ Posse.

I still have not been, but now I have two days of the week to make it. They are now open Thursdays and Fridays from 10:30AM to 2:00PM. (13628 Gamma Rd. 972-805-0999) Who has been?



  • mctrees02

    You’re missing out on a pretty good BBQ stop. Is it Pecan Lodge? No but it doesn’t have to be. There is usually a steady line from 1130 to 1230-1pm but your wait shouldn’t exceed 15-20 minutes. More importantly…they have free beer sitting in the cooler by the door while you wait. That feature alone makes it a worthwhile stop for me on Fridays during the hot summer. Grab a few slices of brisket, a cold beer and go have lunch under a shade tree or on the back of my car. It’s a worthy lunch…even moreso if you don’t have any work to get through that afternoon!

  • amandahawk

    I’ve been many times and it is FANTASTIC! My co-workers and I can’t wait until Fridays when we can all trot over to Cattleack for lunch. The place is always packed, but they just expanded their space to include more seating, so that helps. I suggest you make your way over there and try it out.

  • Jed Dunn

    Great BBQ for sure. Todd is a great pitmaster.

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