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Breaking Barbecue News: Cattleack BBQ in Dallas Now Open on Thursdays

Cattleack BBQ is on the Bad Names for Restaurants List even though it’s not really a restaurant. Once a take-out-only-on-Fridays barbecue outlet. it's now a take-out-only-on-Thursdays-and-Fridays-barbecue outlet.

On January 24 I wrote:

I won’t lie to you. Cattleack BBQ is going on the Bad Names for Restaurants List. Wait, it’s not really a restaurant. It’s a take-out-only-on-Fridays barbecue outlet. I will honestly tell you I have never heard of this place. ‘Natch, the BBQ Snob has been there and so has the Texas BBQ Posse.

I still have not been, but now I have two days of the week to make it. They are now open Thursdays and Fridays from 10:30AM to 2:00PM. (13628 Gamma Rd. 972-805-0999) Who has been?