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Bolsa Mercado to Change From Grocery Store to Grocerant

Bolsa Mercado is growing from a grocery store into a grocerant.
Bolsa Mercado can be yours for a night. (Photography by Desiree Espada)
Bolsa Mercado can be yours for a night. (Photography by Desiree Espada)

Bolsa Mercado is getting ready to put on her big girl pants. Co-owner Chris Zielke and company recently switched from a beer and wine license to a restaurant license. I won’t bore you with all the TABC stuff, but now customers can sip a glass of wine or drink a beer while shopping or dining in the market. The new designation also allows the space to host private parties and chef dinners. They are adding seating inside and enlarging the patio.

I can hear you screaming: “What about my pre-packaged food items. My dinners for two?” Chill. They will be available along with breakfast items, smoothies, sandwiches, salads, and sides. Ice creams made from organic local dairy farms will be added and scooped on top of housemade cones. It’s like a soda shop with shakes and floats! Some made with booze! Flavors will include vanilla bread pudding, goat cheese cajeta chocolate, strawberry-rhubarb and sea salt caramel ice cream flavors and shakes will roll out over the next couple of weeks. They will continue to grow their catering business and staff.

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