Dr. Sue's Chocolate (photography by Stacy Markow)

The Localist: Dr. Sue’s Cherry Pecan Bark

For Easter, all you need is a little chocolate love.

Dark chocolate consumption is a bona fide guilty pleasure of mine that I partake in regularly. In preparation for the upcoming Easter holiday, I have spent a great deal of time visiting some of the city’s most popular chocolatiers to stock up on gifts. Last weekend while visiting downtown McKinney, I made one of my favorite discoveries to date: the dark chocolate bark line from Dr. Sue’s Chocolate.

I’m afraid I’m a little late to the party, as it’s no secret that Dr. Sue is one of Dallas’ top chocolatiers. While practicing medicine, she became fascinated with the many health benefits dark chocolate was touted to have. She began creating a line of chocolates studded with organic ingredients and super foods like dried blueberries and ginger.

I had a hell of a time narrowing my choice down to just one flavor as they were all begging me to take them home. Under pressure, I grabbed the first box I could reach, which was the cherry pecan bark containing Texas port, organic cherries, and just a touch of sea salt. It was quite the decadent and satisfying treat.

Dr Sue’s commitment to sourcing organic and locally made ingredients is admirable, but her local charity commitments are just as impressive. She actively donates a portion of her sales proceeds to fund programs that promote nutrition education and physical activity for young children. She also participates and provides her products to events that help bolster support for the Dallas Farmers Market.

Nutritious ingredients, decadent flavor combinations, and community engagement —all beautifully wrapped into one green box. I have found it impossible to resist this chocolate, as it’s quickly becoming a treat I can’t help but feel good about.

Dr Sue’s Chocolate can be purchased both online at www.drsueschocolate.com and at her retail shop in Grapevine, Texas.