Ruthie’s Rolling Food Trucks Launches “El Cuatro”

The food truck company adds a fourth rolling cafe to its lineup.


The better food truck companies just keep growing.  This will be Ruthie’s fourth food truck.  They started with their first food truck in August 2011, added a cheesesteak truck a year later, but converted it to Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe Too a few months later. They launched Ruthie’s Creperie in October 2012 and now they’re launching their third grilled cheese truck, and fourth food truck in total, El Cuatro.

Ruthie’s now has four trucks, Two Trucks has six (The Butcher’s Son x 2, Gandolfo’s x 2, Texas Burrito Company, and What’s Da Scoop), and Nammi has three (Nammi x 2 and CoolHaus).

We’ve written several times about Ruthie’s because, well, grilled cheese. Nancy recently praised “The Boss.” In late 2011, Daniel Walker praised the Bacon Tomato Grilled Cheese. And, of course, our Kid’s Kritic likes a grilled cheese sandwich.

The newest addition starts rolling May 1.