Proof + Pantry ÷ Bad Name= New Restaurant in One Arts Plaza

Barman Michael Martensen and Sal Jafar II, co-founder of Driftwood, have formed a partnership to open a Proof + Pantry in the space formerly known as The Commissary.

This guy can get away with it.

I like barman Michael Martensen. He has done some impressive work here in Dallas. I’ve heard Sal Jafar II, co-founder of Driftwood, is a lovely man. So it is potentially excellent news to announce these two men have formed a partnership to open a new restaurant in the space formerly known as The Commissary.

The first paragraph of the press release notes Proof + Pantry is “a multi-faced American restaurant and bar featuring progressive, yet approachable American fare along with a diverse and original bar program.” Then it goes on to say P+P “will offer both simplicity and sophistication, focusing on clean flavors, impeccably sourced ingredients and inspiration from seasonality and global cuisine.” Confused? Me too.

It is terrific they are developing the space. Maybe a groovy bar will be the charm that breaks the spell on One Arts Plaza. But I have to say, the name gives me tired head. And it’s hard to say whether you read is as Proof Plus Pantry or Proof and Pantry. (Try both out loud right now.)  I can’t imagine someone saying, “Hey honey, put on your red shoes and let’s hit Proof + Pantry tonight.” Mike & Sal’s, Booze Sold Here, Please Eat and Drink Here would be a few of my suggestions. The name of their hospitality company Misery Loves Company would get me there opening night. “Hey honey, how about a little Misery Loves Company tonight?” I’d buy new red shoes to go there.

Look for Proof + Pantry to open in early summer. For the record, I never thought the name Neighborhood Services would work. So there is that.


  • sherman

    So that’s the “local” addition to Bum Farts who’s the rumored “national” addition?

  • PPP

    Proof Prus Pantry. Can’t sat it. I sounded drunk.

  • BonJovi

    It took me a few to figure out why Bon Jovi was on this page. Now i can’t get the song out of my mind.

  • rvponders

    I’m guessing “and.” The plus-sign (“+”) seems to be the new cool way of expressing “and,” first AF+B, now this place. Poor ampresand.

  • Greg Brown

    “&” needs a new agent.

  • mrEmannE

    Nancy, I remember the good old days when bars had names like “Mike’s”, or maybe if you were in a “good” neighborhood, “Joe’s Bar”. Conceptually speaking, it seems as though restaurant developers are trying to appeal to everyone’s pseudo-intellectualism by making us think of their joints as ideas, instead of places to get drunk. I guess that sneaky world-view has to show up everywhere.