Mi Piaci Cucina Italiana in Preston Center is Closed

The once popular Dallas restaurant Mi Piaci has certainly been through some changes. Last summer, owner Brian Black closed the Addison location and moved to Preston Center. They closed Friday.9

Brian Black closes Mi Piaci   in Preston Center. (Source: Facebook)

The once popular Dallas restaurant Mi Piaci has certainly been through some rough times. Depending on who you talk to, after over 20 years in business, the Addison location closed or was locked out by the landlord last July.  Owner Brian Black moved the staff and business to the space  he and partners Benjamin Crosland and Chef Eric (Coyote Café, Geronimo) DiStefano leased and renovated for Ocho Kitchen and Cocktails in Preston Center. Ochos  closed in June 2013 after only nine months. Tonight, a customer with reservations for ten showed up at Mi Piaci Cucina Italiano to find a sign on the door noting the restaurant was closed. I’ve reached out to Black for comment.

Update: Sign on the front door: Landlord has changed the locks for failure to pay rent. Landlord has elected to terminate lease and tenant’s lease immediately.

Sad. The downstairs looks like it was set up for a large party last night. Maybe they’ll write a big fat check today and be open for Easter brunch tomorrow.  If you have Easter brunch reservations, I’d make a phone call.



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  • ORLY

    Does this surprise anyone? The Blacks packed up il Sole in the middle of the night and defaulted on their lease, blaming their landlords. They were C.OD. for deliveries from purveyors due to continual nonpayment. Employee paychecks bounced every week. They were locked out of Mi Piaci in Addison because they didn’t pay their rent. Now the same thing again. I just feel sorry for the employees.

  • EN B

    @ORLY, it’s a tough business. Please don’t judge.

    • ORLY

      It’s hard not to judge unscrupulous characters.

    • Neal K

      Business owners who repeatedly bounce checks to employees and vendors should be judged.

  • Cynical Me

    Fear not. Mom just took over the Dallas Farmers Market. New real estate opportunities await.

    • ORLY

      Since when is Janet Cobb on speaking terms with her son, Brian Black?

  • Danny_Koller

    When we wrote about this place opening in People Newspapers, the publicist took issue with our use of the phrase “revolving door” to describe that location. This further proves that the phrase was completely appropriate.

  • Neal K

    Some locations just seem to be cursed. This is one of those places.

  • Rodney Haas

    It’s about the food. At this pricepoint in DFW today people expect great food. They had fair to good at best, thus they did not fill the restaurant pay bills…..

  • joeat

    @Neil K, I so agree with you, so what makes a new owner who knows this history think they are so smart they can overcome this? It is unbelievable that they think, “yes I know the past but I am so much smarter and such a better operator that I can make it”. It is ludicrous and sad but happens all over Dallas. Pitiful.

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  • Dubious Brother

    It seems there was a decent Chinese restaurant in there for many years until I believe the landlord raised the rent too high for them to stay. That may have been the start of the curse.

  • Tex

    Please don’t feel sorry for the employees, they too jump from location to location and are very familiar with the procedure. They have/had many opportunities to jump ship if they wish.

    • SDM

      If they did not get paid for hours worked (services rendered) then yes we should feel sorry for the employees. They worked those hours with an understanding they would be paid. If they were not paid by the owner then the owner is a CROOK and stole money from them that they rightfully earned.

    • BBH

      Tex your right… the employees except for maybe the bus boys.. are all in with the big BB.

  • Foodie-dallas

    Yes that landlord is known for doing that.
    He’s ruined many small businesses. If your
    from Dallas then you will know someone who
    Knows someone who has been screwed by
    Big C. Someone should have warmed these
    guys. What a shame.

  • ORLY

    Someone should have warned the landlord. The Blacks are infamous for nonpayment., skipping out of a lease, shorting employees, et al.

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  • BBH

    I remember the blogs from the first lockout and how Brian and attorneys and bloggers(probably employees of brian) slammed on the landlord. seems … the landlord was right and the scum bag Brian and company are cheats, thieves and liars…

  • Mike B.

    Déjà vu all over again…

  • TKP

    I can’t believe the comments here. I worked
    With them and we were paid and they go out
    Of their way to take care of us. In fact they
    Have gotten us interviews and jobs with other
    Restaurants in the past week so we aren’t
    Left high and dry. I had to post because what
    some of you are saying is untrue. Turnover rate
    is low there so stop bashing them. They even go your cleaning crew jobs and as a waiter I didn’t need their help to relocate to a new restaurant but the owner Brian still got me a new job waiting at one of the best steakhouses in the area. Pretty classy people in my opinion.

  • BBH

    Sounds like some stinky business…….venga venga


      Ay, conyo.

  • BBH

    Sounds like some stinky business….venga…venga….

  • Honest

    Out of their way to take care of their staff? I guess I and a lot of my friends that used to work there had a completely different experience. The “management” completely screwed over the staff on a daily basis which is why the turnover was so high, even by restaurant standards.


    Exactly, Honest.

  • Juan B

    I have to admit that I’m very disheartened at the amount of bad judgment that is going against the Blacks they are not bad people. Let I remind you that in the times when things were wonderful for them and their restaurants that they provided opportunities for many employees, for the means for them, especially the kitchen staff, the dishwasher to be able to support their families with the opportunity that were handed to them by the Lord above. Remember do not judge because thy will be judged. It is written so it is true. I once worked for the Blacks and I will forever be grateful to them. Everyone falls on hard times but we do prevail. Be kind to one another and love one another as Jesus loves us. Brian and Sonia keep your head up I pray that the Lord blesses you with abundance in your future and your future of your children in Jesus name I pray Amen.
    Juan Barrera