• Rangers

    Heading to Cook Hall and CBD this wknd with an out of town date. Anxious to try the pigs head at CBD – but a little worried the teeth, eyes, etc will freak her out..
    Easter brunch plans at Savor – –
    Oh and Sat lunch at Scarborough Fair 🙂
    Should be fun!

  • lck

    Went to Palapas Seafood Bar and i was really impressed. I had the mahi mahi with the mojo de ajo sauce and it was delicious. Service was friendly and the margarita was pricey but good.

    • pedro527

      Just saw this post…I have just discovered this place…Lower Greenville, south of Ross…and I liked it a lot, too…seafood recipes from the west coast of Mexico…have had the shrimp and red snapper…good guacamole…and very friendly service…they obviously want you to come back…a nice addition for that neighborhood…

  • rvponders

    Last weekend, Royal Sweets and Taj Chaat House.

    This past Monday, Magnolia Cheese Company and Davis Street Espresso (really glad they’re open until 2 now).

    Ruthie’s Rolling Cafe today (before DMA Late Night).

  • rvponders

    Just finished eating at Melt Ice Creams on Rosedale Ave in the Fort. Actually fairly easy to get there, probably 3-5 min from the Rosedale exit of I-30. Incredible, fresh-tasting, creamy, delicious ice creams – be sure to get the homemade waffle cones if you go. Henry’s has a competitor, finally, and we all win! Trying to convince myself that 50 minutes isn’t too far to drive for the second time in a single day for ice cream for dinner… hoping I end up going. I only tried the coffee and vanilla, want to try that strawberry basil.

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