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Food Feedback Friday

What a glorious Friday. Please tell us where you ate this week and where you plan to feast this weekend.

What a glorious Friday. Please tell us where you ate this week and where you plan to feast this weekend. Last week, you ate like good little piggies and reported on FM Smokehouse in Irving, Boulevardier, Shady’s Burger Joint, Latin Deli, Spiral Diner, The Slow Bone.


  • Jonathon Nicholson

    Their are amazing things happening at The Establishment. The menu changes frequently but it seems to get better and better. Stopped in Thursday evening for dinner and was blown away by the creativity and execution. They produced the best Bone Marrow dish I have ever had. The rabbit Agnoloti was a perfect blend of richness, creaminess, and texture. I could go on and on about what’s happening in the kitchen but it would be unfair for the bar. The bar is mixing up some serious good drinks. To be specific the Green Drank is quickly becoming one of my new favorites in the City. The Establishment has raised the bar and it’s only a matter of time until the rest of Dallas realizes what’s going on.

  • alyb803

    Graham Dodd’s new spring menu at Hibiscus is fantastic. Of course he’s retained many old favorites, but the new items are worth checking out. On the app side of the menu, our party of 4 enjoyed the crispy lamb ribs, the tilefish tartare, the artichoke & green garlic soup and the night’s special, house-made pasta with a goat ragout and spring pea tendrils. Each dish was exceptional and highlighted fresh, seasonal ingredients. Our entrees included sea scallops with crawfish etouffee, the Colorado lamb saddle (easily enough for 2 people, or a second meal the next day) and the bison flank (well worth ordering for the side of green chili sausage). It would be hard to pick a favorite dish from this meal, but if pressed, I’d choose the tilefish tartare for its bright clean flavor, the perfect combo of acid/salt, and the unexpected crispy artichoke leaves that topped the fish. We need to brag on the bar team also, who admirably accepted the challenge of “stump the bartender” when presented with a photo of an out-of-town bar menu and some suggested ingredients. They created a cocktail that was better than the “inspiration drink” in Houston!

  • TLS

    Cadot Restaurant. Roasted Duck. Escargot. C’est magnifique!

  • rvponders

    Sera last Friday – fantastic classic Spanish and Basque Country tapas, well worth the Friday PM TERRIBLE I-30 drive to the Forest Park neighborhood in Fort Worth. Perhaps not QUITE as inventive as Casa Rubia (only in the sense that they stick pretty faithfully to , but this place more than any other reminds me of the simple, flavorful tapas I ate in Barcelona. So cool where once we had nothing we now have two places popping up in the last year that are doing very different but equally awesome and important things for Spanish food in the city – hopefully the start of more.

    This weekend, heading to Underground in Las Colinas for some dumpukht curries hopefully… that stuff is solid gold.

  • rvponders

    Sweet Saturday surprise – finally got to Davis Street Espresso after a month of not getting a break from work in time, and found out they’re now open until 2 pm Mon-Fri. That Van Buren is special, just for presentation alone.

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