Exclusive Special Report: Jamie Benn Follows SideDish

The captain of the Dallas Stars, Jamie Benn, reads SideDish. And he's not at the top of SideDish's Most Influential Followers list. Check out this scientific study that reveals the real power players behind our popular food blog.

He shoots. He scores food by reading SideDish.
He shoots. He scores food by reading SideDish.

I was talking with a friend of mine about social media and the restaurant business and how, when used effectively, it presents a powerful, and relatively free, form of publicity for business. I said, “I wonder what would have happened if Stephan Pyles had Twitter available to him when he opened Routh Street Café. He certainly would not have had to buy those pesky magazine and newspaper ads.” Would Jay Jerrier be as successful if he didn’t have Twitter and Facebook? We will never know because it is our current 86,400/7 reality.

This morning, I perused the SideDish Twitter feed to check out the “media” dinner John Tesar hosted last night for his soon-to-debut Knife restaurant in the Hotel Palomar. I recognized familiar Yummers, bloggers who use the term “yum” way too much, and members of the food media community. Today, Tesar will probably  trend in social media because all of the Yummers and food-related websites, including SideDish, will file reports of the evening. What a win-win.

As I rolled through the tweets,  I stumbled on a SocialRank, a website that breaks down your Twitter followers into Best Follower , Most Valuable Followers, and Most Engaged Follower.

Since I have a 4,000-word feature due today, I thought it would be a good time to pull back the curtain on SideDish.

Here goes:

Best Follower (the perfect combination of your most valuable and most engaged follower in the past 30 days)

Ian Rapoport


Nespresso USA


D Magazine


Evan Grant




Monika Diaz


Debbie Pascoe


NancyNichols (now I doubt their findings)


Eater Dallas


Michelle Williams


 Most Valuable Followers (most valuable, important, and useful followers are, whether they interact with you or not.)

Ian Rapoport


Martina Navratilova


Dallas Morning News


Gordon Ramsay




TLC Network


Jamie Benn (Hell, yes!)


Team Coco


Frito-Lay N. America


The Kid’s Doctor®


The best for last:

Most Engaged (tells you who, out of your followers, has engaged with you the most recently)

Debbie Pascoe




Michelle Williams


Eater Dallas


Empire Baking


Bud Kennedy


Betty Lovell




Tutta’s Pizza


Brian K Smith


What does all of this mean? I have a guess. However, I think it’s time I invited Ian Rapoport, Martina Navratilova, and Jamie Benn to dinner at Debbie Pascoe’s house.


  • Desiree

    This just made my day!

  • Jeff Hayden

    Exclusive? You mean Leslie Brenner isn’t reporting that Jamie Benn follows Sidedish?

    • Nancy Nichols

      She probably knew before I did.