Conan O’Brien Gets Pranked at Mesa

The talk show host is hoodwinked by one of his own.

photo provided by Mesa
photo provided by Mesa

While Conan O’Brien has been in Dallas this week to tape his show, eagle-eyed fans have spotted him at the Texas Theatre, Bolsa, Nonna, and Mesa—twice.

On his first visit, O’Brien and two staffers wiped out two bowls of guacamole and a round of Herradura Reposado margaritas before the ginger-headed tall guy dove into his own order of cochinita pibil (slow-roasted pork), said manager Raul Reyes Jr., son of owner Raul Reyes.

Apparently, Team Coco was charmed by the food and service. His assistant booked a party for 20 last night. O’Brien showed up a half hour earlier than the reservation. He waved off the staff’s effort to set up a long banquet-style table and preferred smaller tables arranged into one big square. (Beyoncé isn’t the only diva who has dined there.)

As his party trickled in, O’Brien bounced from guest to guest, making wisecracks and snapping selfies with folks between margaritas and appetizers.

“He kept moving all over the place,” Raul Jr. said. “Just like he does on TV.”

Last night, the Veracruz sampler was on the menu, and O’Brien took a liking to the molé and ceviche, Raul Jr. said. Most of his party ordered the red snapper, but the funny man preferred the lobster enchiladas.

The party stayed for about three hours, but not before O’Brien’s staff turned the tables on the jokemaster. They conspired with the wait staff to arrange for the twin brother of one of his writers—who lives in Coppell—to don a chef’s jacket and serve a dish to O’Brien.

“He was tripping,” Raul Jr. said.