Naan Sushi (photography by Micah Nunley)

Best of Big D: Who Makes the Best Sushi in Dallas?

Sake to me.

Happy hour. Sushi. Sake.

My three favorite words in the English and Japanese languages.

Forget Kona Grill with its nasty, way-too-vinegary sushi rice and craptastic specials. I could go for Sushi Sake or Tei-An’s sushi any day of the week. If only I lived right next to them.

No matter. It’s time for you to tell us where you always go for your sushi fix. Is it Tei Tei? Blue Fish? Yutaka? Vote here for Best of Big D.




  • Once again

    Carol – you just can’t resist interjecting a put down on one place in order to bolster your own preference. Why is that? I have never been to Kona Grill, but I’m sure the rent at Northpark is exorbitant so they must do okay. Craptastic specials? Wow – that’s some creative writing there missy. BTW…happy hour, sushi, sake is FOUR words.

    • Chef

      You took the words right out if my mouth. Please stop insulting restaurants and all of their hard workers and just give praise to the places you like.

    • merrimanwines

      I respectfully disagree on one point: Craptastic is a great new word and will be my word of the day tomorrow.

    • kim feccia

      Despite its rent price, Kona Grill is a chain and thats probably why they can afford such rent prices. Ive been to Kona several times, while their happy hour may be worth the visit, the sushi is not that great. Very generic and not the best quality of fish. I dont recommend them for sushi at all.

  • acrow

    Yutaka, Steel, Little Katana and Oishii are my favorities. Totally disagree regarding Kona. It isn’t wonderful, but I think their rolls are fairly good. Not as good as the places I named above, but if you line them up next to Blue Fish (aslo pretty decent), I bet you couldn’t tell the difference.

    • Carol Shih

      Maybe a good taste test idea.

  • Athena

    What? There are still people who haven’t heard the term Craptastic? Another year and it will be in Websters Dictionary.

  • mkduf

    Duh!! Sushi Zushi in the West Village is the place to be! Kenichi is also really good. Steel has gotten real ghetto, and Little Katana has some mean managers and wait staff. No thanks.

  • mojnz

    Sushi Sake is so incredible. I just wish I could afford to eat there every week. Definitely best sushi in the Dallas area!

  • Rodney Haas

    Sorry but the place you have mentioned are basically tourist at best. Blue fish is not “real” sushi…. Masami, Yama Sushi, Sushi Robata, Sushi Sake, Tei An.

    Best buy far is Keiichi in Denton, very small hard to get reservations.

  • Carol Shih

    You’re the greatest.