Stampede 66's fried chicken (photography by Kevin Marple)

Best of Big D: Who Makes the Best Fried Chicken in Dallas?

Is it Babe's, Pecan Lodge, Sissy's, or Rudy's?

Some people say the best fried bird in Dallas is Babe’s. Others say Pecan Lodge. I’m personally a big fan of Sissy’s and Rudy’s Chicken. (Real talk now: It’s impossible not to love a place with the tagline,”So good you’ll slap yo mammas mama.” Am I right?)

If you don’t agree, do something about it. Flap your wings, make your voice heard, and cast your vote.

Vote every 24 hours for your favorite fried chicken joint, and you could win two tickets to this year’s Best of Big D Party at the end. Lucky you.