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Beer Pairing 101: What to Eat and Drink at LUCK’s

Cheesy shrimp and grits with Deep Ellum Brewing Co.'s IPA is an ideal meal.
By Carol Shih |

Get This Dish: Cheesy stone-ground shrimp and grits
With This Beer: Deep Ellum Brewing Co.’s IPA

Trinity Groves’ hyperlocal LUCK—owned by two cousins and a friend—is the only spot in Dallas where all 40 taps are North Texas beers, brewed within a 70-mile radius of West Dallas. When we asked General Manager Michael Ferrari what his best beer pairing suggestion for the restaurant could be, he suggested the cheesy shrimp and grits with a runny egg yolk on top, covered in a Creole sauce and chopped green onions. This dish, he says, goes really well with Deep Ellum Brewing Co.’s IPA.  “Exuberant hop flavor goes very well with the Creole spices in this dish, as the pungent hop bitterness and slight alcohol bite accentuates the modest heat and helps lighten up the cheesy grits.”