Win a Chance to Brunch With S.E. Hinton on April 27

The Outsiders author is coming to town.


Big D ReadsD Magazine‘s literacy movement, kicked off this morning with a huge bang. Volunteers handed out 3,000 copies of The Outsiders around the entire city. It’s a big goal for us to make Dallas a city of readers, but Big D Reads is giving away 20,000 copies and creating events around the book to get people excited. (Think movie screenings, book discussions, and a visit from the author.) Interested? We have a whole calendar.

On that note, yes, S.E. Hinton will be in town next month. She wrote The Outsiders when she was merely a high school student. Just let that sink in for a bit.

(While you were 16, fiddling with your thumbs and playing Diablo, you could have written an entire novel, like Hinton.)

In addition to all the wonderful things going on, there’s also have a social media contest. If you take a picture of you with the book and post it with #ponyboywashere, you could win a subscription to D, a $50 gift card to Ozona, and a chance to brunch with S.E. Hinton on April 27. (Every week, a winner will be chosen.)

But here’s the kicker: We’re giving away 10 copies of The Outsiders right here, on SideDish. If you want a free book, fill out the form below. I’ll pick 10 winners randomly by Friday at noon, and you can come pick your copy up at our downtown office. How does that sound?