What are the Best Beer Patios in Dallas?

We’ve got a a discussion going on in the office about what makes a good beer-drinking patio great. Some feel big is better; others want to sip and discuss in relative seclusion. Tell us where you go to drink beer and why.

We’ve got a a discussion going on in the office about what makes a good beer-drinking patio great. Some feel big is better; others want to sip and discuss in relative seclusion. Tell us where you go to drink beer outside and why.


  • Anonymous

    Flying Saucer on the lake.


    Not really a patio, but a couple of growlers and a nice concert on the Arboretum lawn are hard to beat.

    — Phelps

    • merrimanwines

      There’s a Saucer at White Rock Lake? I didn’t know that! Must check out soon.

  • Greg Brown

    Blind Butcher. Nice tucked-away patio. Great cocktails/food. Stellar service.

  • mrEmannE

    Honestly, I prefer to drink beer, or anything else, inside, unless I’m at the State Fair, because it’s just more convenient to hang at the bar. That said, I can recommend Mutts in Uptown, because they have a decent bar that is attached to an expansive deck overlooking their dog run. Their neighbor and sister enterprise The Rustic also has an extensive outdoor seating area, and an even better beer selection. The bar I’m currently enjoying the most is at Savor in Klyde Warren Park. Its’ glass walls overlook their patio, and it’s kind of like being outside while staying inside.

  • billholston

    Goodfriend. Four Words:
    Great Service
    Great Selection.

    • JtB

      I second good friend. Indoor or outdoor is excellent at any time of the year. Great selection, great rotators.

  • Imamess

    Secluded, small, weird art ,nice plants in the summer, TV’s ,music and the most interesting man in the world. Don’t tell you friends, that might just mess it up. Time Out Tavern

  • merrimanwines

    The Lark and the Meddlesome Moth. The Lark has better views, but a The Moth has better beer.

  • Anon

    Lee Harvey’s (Lee Harvey’s wins for dog Sundays and cheap beer)

  • Vivien Clauss

    STACKHOUSE!!!! GREAT food, GREAT beer, GREAT patio with view over downtown Dallas!

  • IPAGirl

    The Common Table has a great patio and an awesome beer selection, but it can get crowded. I also like the Gingerman Dallas because they have a great patio, good beer options and they typically have live music at night/on the weekends.

  • danny

    The Foundry, LUCK, Ten Bells Tavern and Goodfriends!!!

  • tlharden

    It’s on Lake Ray Hubbard in Garland. Bit of a drive, but still awesome!

  • Ginda Bayliss

    British Beverage Company in Uptown. 2800 Routh St. They have front and back patios, dog friendly, too. Tge selections on draft are fabulous, too. Friendly staff, great music.

    • Dorian Gray

      DB central. Decent patio if you buy your RL or Lacoste polo’s a size too small.

  • Ginda Bayliss

    British Beversge Company in Uptown. Front and back patios are relaxing. Dog friendly. Draft selection us fabulous! Great music, great staff. Check it out. : )

  • TheRealDJ

    Surprising no one has mentioned the old Uptown standby, The Gingerman. Their front patio is small but they’ve got a wide variety on tap and of course their biergarden out back.

  • Matt

    Gingerman – plenty of shade.
    Idle Rich/Blackfriar – it’s fun watching McKinney Avenue pass by.
    Old Monk/Capitol Pub/Porch/Vickery Park/Gin Mill – it’s fun watching Henderson Avenue pass by.

  • Anonymous

    Stack house and Ginger Man are our favorites! The bar at the Belmont has some killer views too!

  • crbeck

    I live in Plano, so my choices are limited, but Katy Trail Icehouse Outpost has a great outdoor atmosphere that makes you feel like you’re part of a big backyard party no matter what time you’re there. I know not everyone loves the fact that kids run around there like crazy, but for parents who need a cold beer and a sanity check, this is a good spot. For me, the more the merrier for a good beer-drinking patio.

  • Braying Donkey

    Flying Saucer Lake Ray Hubbard. Great drinks and great food. Extremely friendly staff (As for Vicki). It where Liberals on the Lake meet frequently.

  • Sarah Seeley

    Also not in Dallas, but I also crazy love the Katy Trail Icehouse Outpost in Plano. It is such a great outdoor backyard grill out experience!

  • Dani

    Sundown at Granada off of Greenville. Amazing food as well. Always has a live band.

  • Dani

    The Sundown at Granada off of Greenville is awesome. There is a really neat patio upstairs that has a neat vibe to it. The food is crafted by famous chef, all healthy and organic, but amazing!!! they have live bands every night as well.

  • Katie

    Definitely Renfields – great patio.

  • Greg Holman

    Ten Bells Tavern, just off Bishop Arts, and Luck in Trinity Groves (all of their 50 local draft beers are only $5 each!).

  • crys41

    Truck Yard and the new Black Forest Biergarden