The Slip Inn is Moving

And this weekend will be its very last at Henderson.

photo by Matthew Shelley
photo by Matthew Shelley

The Dallas Observer has just announced that Dallas’ favorite dance floor is closing its doors after years and years at 1806 McMillan Ave.

Nightlife folks first mourned The Loon’s departure from Uptown, and now the same thing is happening with The Slip Inn. Both bars are searching for a new space to house their loyal patrons.

This weekend, according to DO, will be The Slip Inn’s very last at its Henderson location.



  • _nctrnl

    … Same thing has happened to Slip Inn. Are they building a CVS there too? Is Black Forest Biergarten absorbing the spot, or is there something else?

  • G David

    When I learned of the Biergarten opening up next door, I kind of hoped this would happen.

  • Uncle Albert

    What we really need is one more taco joint, a bank, or, as _nctrnl suggested, another much-needed CVS.