The Greek at One Arts Plaza is Closed

This makes for two empty spaces in One Arts.


The Greek served its last and final dinner on Friday, March 14. Back when Ziziki’s folks took over John Tesar’s old Commissary space in October 2012, we were ultra hopeful that the One Arts Plaza closing curse was finally put to rest.

But that’s not the case anymore.

Cafe des Artistes, located across from The Greek, closed late December 2013, and now The Greek is gone.

(Tei-An, on the other hand, remains strong.)

Let’s hope the next two concepts in One Arts can last longer.


  • paradoxal

    How about the restaurants there try staying open past 10pm, so that the people exiting the shows can have some place to go? I don’t know… might help their business a little bit.

  • critic

    Lucy Billingsley might consider free parking for restaurant customers.
    I do not valet

  • PF1

    Perhaps the venue is better suited to an established hair salon with loyal clientele