Saturday Fire at Sylvan Thirty Destroys Teiichi Sakurai’s Ramen Shop

Burnt to a crisp: the future site of a noodle restaurant and Sync Yoga.

The site of Teiichi Sakurai's ramen shop and Sync Yoga was burned to the ground by a fire on Saturday. (photo by Bradford Pearson)
The site of Teiichi Sakurai’s ramen shop and Sync Yoga was burned to the ground by a fire on Saturday. (photo by Bradford Pearson)

On Saturday afternoon, firefighters got a call out to West Dallas’ mixed-use development site, Sylvan Thirty. A construction welding accident led to a fire that destroyed one building in the 1800 block of Sylvan Avenue.

According to Sylvan Thirty’s spokesperson, Cooper Koch Smith, that building was the future site of Sync Yoga and Teiichi Sakurai’s ramen shop, Ten. Late last year, the owner of Tei-An told us he was planning to open his old-school ramen shop in May. Due to the unfortunate fire, that opening date will be delayed now. At least construction inside Sakurai’s noodle-dedicated restaurant hadn’t started yet, prior to the fire.


“The plan is to demolish the building and re-build it,” says Koch.

He confirms that none of the six other buildings were damaged, including Cox Farms Market, which is right across from Ten. Koch says the fire won’t impact the opening of Cox Farms Market too much, and that it’s “pretty much ready to go.”

Dallas will have to wait longer for Sakurai’s highly anticipated ramen shop, but at least there’s a silver lining: No one was injured, and the one person welding inside got out safely.


  • Rick Lopez

    How sad …

  • Jeff Hayden

    Sounds like that welder wasn’t using HIS noodle.

  • rvponders

    So sad – Little Lilly, Shinjuku Station and Tei An will have to give me my ramen fix for longer. I was REALLY looking forward to this opening. But very happy no one was hurt and that the fire didn’t spread – this could have been a disaster. Props to the firepeople.