Chef Raul Reyes plans to open Ceviche: Shark on Davis at a shuttered auto shop at 451 W. Davis St.

Mesa’s Owner is Building a Seafood Restaurant in the Bishop Arts District

Ceviche: Shark on Davis is Raul Reyes' newest venture.

Mesa’s owner Raul Reyes is making waves in Oak Cliff again.

This time, he’s bringing his flair for seafood to the Bishop Arts District with a new restaurant located at the intersection of Davis Street and Woodlawn Avenue, which used to be an auto shop called El Carrizal until a few months ago. He’s going to call his new place, at 451 West Davis Street, Ceviche: Shuck on Davis.

I noticed the for-sale disappeared two weekends ago. Usually, when this happens on Davis Street, that means food is coming soon after. When I saw workers doing demolition at the property, I stopped to inquire with workers.

“Is this another mechanic’s shop?”


“A restaurant?”


“Who’s the owner?”

“He’s right over there.”

And there he was, chef Raul Reyes. The executive chef and owner of Mesa, which is just a mile away on Jefferson Boulevard, was standing in front of me. The same hands that once prepared glorious seafood for Beyonce was now helping two guys tear down a wall.

Reyes tells me he’s opening another Mesa in Southlake, but this 90-year-old spot—one block from Bishop and Davis—will soon be called Ceviche: Shuck on Davis. For those of you who’ve had Reyes’ seafood at Mesa or La Palapa Veracruzana, I bet your toes are curling up right now just thinking about his ceviche.

Workers say construction might wrap up by the end of summer, and outdoor seating might be in the works.

[Update: We previously made the mistake of calling Reyes’ restaurant “Ceviche: Shark on Davis.” We have since made the correction.]


  • Rob Shearer

    Shuck… not shark. I had to ask him about 3 times to get it right.

  • Rick Lopez

    Good looking out, Rob!

  • rvponders

    Why shuck?

    Looks like I’ve got another place to try this fall along with Pho District in Uptown FW and Ten in Oak Cliff…

  • Guest

    Shark is still in the caption.

  • concerned citizen and neighbor

    And where will all the cars be parking? It’s unfortunate that the Kidd Springs neighborhood that is directly behind the upcoming restaurant will have to absorb all the noise, parking and smells for the continued runaway development of an entertainment district that refuses to address these very issues.