Julio Peraza is the New Executive Chef at Komali

Ian Tate is out. Peraza is in.

Julio Peraza (photo by Claire McCormack)
Julio Peraza (photo by Claire McCormack)

After last week’s chef-swap circus—in which we discovered that Ian Tate was no longer manning the ship at Salum and Komali—chef/owner Abraham Salum has moved on and found a replacement, quickly. Julio Peraza is taking the former place of Tate at Komali. He hails from El Salvador, and he was working at American Fish in Las Vegas before he moved to Dallas.


  • Andre Natera

    Julio is a good friend and I also worked with him at the Pyramid and Marquee Grill. He is a fantastic cook at a very high level, expect great things. Very happy for him.
    André Natera

  • Uptown Food Chic

    Not even Jesus Christ the Chef could help Komali. Komali is like a slow dying dog. It would be more humane to put it out of it’s misery.

  • Uptown Food Chic

    Nothing is going to save Komali. Steven Pyles, Wolfgang Puck, Dean Fearing and any other well known Chef around Dallas cannot save this restaurant. So sad but sooooooooooo DEAD!

  • Honest Abe

    Sadly when you put a restaurant in a corner it is rarely recognized. Salum is one of the best in the business but no one knows where this place really is except true die hards and die hards don’t control the game.